Liberty University sues Falwell for $10M, in sharp break with former president

Source: Politico | April 16, 2021 | Michael Stratford and Brandon Ambrosino

The evangelical leader’s personal conduct undermined the “spiritual mission of Liberty,” the university claims.

Liberty University has filed a lawsuit against Jerry Falwell Jr., accusing its former president of breaching his contract and fiduciary duty to the Christian school that has been engulfed in scandal over his personal behavior.

The lawsuit, filed on Thursday in circuit court in Lynchburg, Va., seeks more than $10 million in damages that the university says it has incurred as a result of what it describes as Falwell’s various indiscretions that harmed the “spiritual mission of Liberty.”


The 38-page complaint details the various scandals that have engulfed Liberty and Falwell in recent years that led to his ouster from the university last summer.

It includes various photos of Falwell that appear to run counter to the Christian ethos of the university, such as images of him partying at a Miami-area night club, working out with two young women, and at a costume party on a yacht with his pants unzipped and arm around a woman.

The lawsuit accuses Falwell of failing to disclose to the university “his personal impairment by alcohol, which impairment led Falwell Jr. to actions and courses of conduct detrimental to the spiritual mission of Liberty.”

The university is seeking more than $10 million in damages as part of the lawsuit. Falwell’s conduct has “induced injury to Liberty’s enrollment, impacted its donor base, disrupted its faculty” and “damaged Liberty’s reputation,” the university alleges in the suit.


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