Limbaugh: Despite NY Win, It Was a Bad Week for Trump

Source: Conservative Review | April 22, 2016 | David Limbaugh


These politically correct answers from the alleged king of political incorrectness have to be music to the ears of Democrats — not only those far left enough to agree with Trump’s view but all others because they know this will alienate Trump from the tons of Republican voters who recognize such lunacy. Perhaps Trump should have been more forthcoming about his true New York liberal values.

Before you buy into Trump’s inevitable walk-back of this disaster, remember how he began his answer: that he had anticipated the question. I’m not sure whether that should be more damning than if his answer had been purely spontaneous, revealing his true feelings apart from political calculation, but it’s greatly troubling either way.

Trump says he is concerned about the strife and “the economic punishment (North Carolina is) taking.” But it seems he also sees the issue from the perspective of adult men who want to use little girls’ bathrooms. Has he even considered this from the perspective of the parents of these girls and all other sane people who don’t feel comfortable sharing bathrooms with people of the opposite gender?

Who thinks like this, other than a candidate pandering to new constituencies? Who actually believes that prohibiting grown men from using little girls’ bathrooms is discriminatory against the transgender community rather than against the 99 percent of people who have always had the comfort of going to public restrooms without the fear that people of the opposite gender could invade their privacy? Isn’t protecting public safety one of government’s chief duties?

It will be interesting to see how Trump’s infinitely forgiving fans explain this one away or whether they’ll even bother to try. I get it; all they think about is unfair trade and “the wall,” so maybe they’ll explain why Trump wants to tear down public bathroom walls.

Also on Thursday, Trump said he would support raising taxes on the rich, which should concern all economic conservatives who support reducing taxes across the board to stimulate robust economic growth. It should also concern Trump’s defenders who believed he was standing by the tax plan posted on his website, which includes a cut to the top rate, from 39.6 percent to 25 percent.


So his own campaign chief just comes right out and says Trump has been playing a role — pretending to be someone he’s not? This is just incredible stuff, folks.

For the life of me, I don’t understand how Trump’s most ardent supporters can feel comfortable relying on his always-shifting promises — even on immigration. Those who still feel comfortable about his candidacy baffle me.

Yes, Trump won his liberal home state resoundingly, but looking back, this could be one of his worst weeks of the campaign.

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  • Consistent #4975

    CA Surveyor #4978

    Limbaugh needs to acquaint himself with the English language!

    “Gender” is applicable only to nouns in certain foreign languages.

    It is in no way applicable to any living creature on the face of the Earth.

    Does he have difficulty with the word “sex?”

    Could he be totally impotent, thus cringing when the word sex creeps into the conversation?

    ConservativeGranny #4984

    A day late and a dollar short Rush. You helped create this monster and helped to possibly propel this lying piece of garbage to the US presidency. Thanks for nothing. I’m done with you. I bought a subscription for Levin’s TV show instead. Won’t be coming back either.

    rodamala #4987

    Headline is lacking clarity… David not Rush.

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