List of Trump shills, brand-killing GOPers and never-really-were conservatives

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Inspired by Steve Deace’s #NeverTrump Needs to Think Bigger, we will compile the list of Trump shills, brand-killing Republicans and never-really-were conservatives who helped bring us to this sad and undignified squandering of American Exceptionalism.


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    Carpenter: Blackballing Those Who Endorse Trump

    Mark Allen, Oklahoma State Senator
    Gary Azarian, New Hampshire State Representative
    Pam Bondi, Florida Attorney General
    Jan Brewer, Arizona Governor
    Scott Brown, former Massachusetts Senator
    John Bennett, Oklahoma State Representative
    Charles Busby, Mississippi State Representative
    Jim Carns, Alabama State Representative
    Ben Carson, former GOP presidential candidate
    Chris Collins, New York Representative
    Gary Chism, Mississippi State Representative
    Chris Christie, New Jersey Governor
    Mike Christian, Oklahoma State Representative
    Becky Currie, Mississippi State Representative
    Jeff DeWit, Arizona State Treasurer
    Geoff Diehl, Massachusetts State Representative
    Scott DesJarlais, Tennessee Representative
    Joe Duarte, New Hampshire State Representative
    Michael Doherty, New Jersey State Senator
    Fred Doucette, New Hampshire State Representative
    Joey Fillingane, Mississippi State Representative
    Virgil Goode, former Virginia Representative and 2012 Constitution Party presidential nominee
    Ed Henry, Alabama State Representative
    Renee Ellmers, North Carolina Representative
    Jeff Hale, Mississippi State Representative
    Duncan Hunter, California Representative
    Werner Horn, New Hampshire State Representative
    Daniel Itse, New Hampshire State Representative
    Brent Jones, Nevada State Assemblyman
    Burt Jones, Georgia State Senator
    Kris Kobach, Kansas Secretary of State
    Paul LePage, Maine Governor
    Robert Luther, New Hampshire State Representative
    John Manning, New Hampshire State Representative
    Henry McMaster, South Carolina Lieutenant Governor
    Barry Moore, Alabama State Representative
    Tom Marino, Pennsylvania Representative
    James Merrill, South Carolina State Representative
    Alex Monsour, Mississippi State Representative
    Joe Pitre, New Hampshire State Representative
    Jeff Oligny, New Hampshire State Representative
    Doug Ose, former California Representative
    Sarah Palin, former Alaska Governor and GOP vice presidential candidate
    Randy Patterson, Mississippi State Representative
    Joe Pennacchio, New Jersey State Senator
    Margaret Rogers, Mississippi State Representative
    Tom Reed, New York Representative
    Rick Scott, Florida Governor
    Jeff Sessions, Alabama Senator
    Ralph Shortey, Oklahoma State Senator
    Gary Staples, Mississippi State Representative
    Stephen Stepanek, New Hampshire State Representative
    Dan Tamburello, New Hampshire State Representative
    Mike Turner, Oklahoma State Representative
    Ralph Torres, Territorial Governor Northern Marianas Islands
    Joseph Trillo, Rhode Island State Representative
    Tim Wadsworth, Alabama State Representative
    David Wood, New Hampshire State Representative
    Steve Woitkun, New Hampshire State Representative
    Michael Williams, Georgia State Senator
    Joshua Whitehouse, New Hampshire State Representative
    Elisabeth Sanders, New Hampshire State Representative
    Peter Varney, New Hampshire State Representative
    Burt Zaun, Iowa State Senator

    EVERYDAY #5835

    Governor Abbott and Lt. Gov. Patrick of Texas have jumped ship and are on board the Trump train. Disappointing.

    CA Surveyor #5840

    Did I miss Phyllis Schafley on that list?

    ConstitutionalConservative #5841

    Near all of FR and host of other formally conservative sites can be added to the list. The establishment republican party died because it had very few conservatives likewise conservative forum sites are dying because they have very few conservatives.
    Make no mistake about it once the people that Trump brings to the former republican party start invading former conservative sites en-mass they will conform to liberalism or dry up, well they will dry up anyway it is just a matter of sooner or later.

    Conservative sites like this one will begin to grow by leaps and bounds, so in the grand scheme of things we are in the process of separating the wheat from chaff.

    CA Surveyor #5843

    we are in the process of separating the wheat from chaff.

    So is Yehova!

    Consistent #5902

    A List of Trump Endorsers
    I. Endorsed Trump Before May 3, 2016*

    Anand Ahuja, attorney, New York
    Mark Allen, state senator, Oklahoma
    Kirstie Alley, actress
    A.D. Amar, business professor, Seton Hall University
    Joe Arpaio, sheriff, Maricopa County, Arizona

    Scott Baio, actor
    Stephen Baldwin, actor
    Azealia Banks, singer-songwriter, rapper
    Lou Barletta, U.S. representative, Pennsylvania (R)
    Thomas J. Barrack, Jr., founder, Colony Capital
    Zoltan Bathory, guitarist
    André Bauer, lieutenant governor, South Carolina (R)
    Andrew Beal, founder, Beal Bank
    Barry Bennett, campaign manager, Carson 2016
    John R. Bennett, state representative, Oklahoma
    Don Benton, state senator, Washington State
    Dan Bilzerian, professional poker player
    Conrad Black, author
    Robert Blendu, former state senator, Arizona
    Walter Block, libertarian economist
    Rocky Boiman, former professional football player
    Eric Bolling, TV personality
    Donna J. Boley, state senator, West Virginia
    Pam Bondi, attorney general, Florida
    Joseph Borelli, member, New York City Council
    Jack Brandenburg, state senator, Michigan
    Juanita Broaddrick, former nursing home administrator, Bill Clinton accuser
    Jan Brewer, former governor, Arizona (R)
    Scott Brown, former U.S. senator, Massachusetts (R)
    Pat Buchanan, columnist
    Clay Buchholz, professional baseball pitcher
    Troy Bullock, singer-songwriter
    Mark Burns, pastor and co-founder, The NOW Network
    Charles Busby, state representative, Mississippi
    Gary Busey, actor
    Mary Hawkins Butler, mayor, Madison, Mississippi

    Herman Cain, presidential candidate, 2012
    Jim Campbell, chairman, Republican Town Committee, Greenwish, Connecticut
    Katrina Campins, former Apprentice contestant
    Ray Canterbury, state representative, West Virginia
    Jim Carns, state representative, Alabama
    Ben Carson, M.D., neurosurgeon, author
    Olavo de Carvalho, philosopher
    Ronald Castorina Jr, former member, Board of Elections, Staten Island, New York
    Gary Chism, state representative, Mississippi
    Mike Christian, state representative, Oklahoma
    Chris Christie, governor, New Jersey (R)
    Sam Clovis, Trump 2016 policy advisor
    Alan Cobb, Trump 2016 policy advisor
    Jenn Coffey, former state representative, New Hampshire
    Chris Collins, U.S. representative, New York (R)
    Zeb Colter, professional wrestling manager
    Bob Corbin, attorney general, Arizona
    Bob Corker, U.S. senator, Tennessee (R)
    Ann Coulter, pundit
    Edward F. Cox, chairman New York Republican State Committee
    Thomas J. Coyne Jr., mayor, Brook Park, Ohio
    Kevin Cramer, U.S. representative, North Dakota (R)
    Jeff Crouere, radio host
    S.E. Cupp, TV personality
    Becky Currie, state representative, Mississippi
    Adam Curry,former vee-jay, MTV

    Tom Dadey, chairman, Republican Party of Onondaga County, New York
    John Daly, professional golfer
    Anthony D’Amelio, state representative, Connecticut
    Johnny Damon, retired professional baseball player
    Charlie Daniels, singer-songwriter
    Robert Davi, actor
    Andy Dean, radio host
    Scott DesJarlais, U.S. representative, Tennessee (R)
    Richard DeNapoli, former chairman, Republican Party of Broward County, Florida
    Jeff DeWit, state treasurer, Arizona
    Ted DiBiase, former professional wrestler
    Geoff Diehl, state representative, Massachusetts
    David DiPietro, state representative, New York
    Mike Ditka, former football coach
    Michael J. Doherty, state senator, New Jersey
    Lou Dobbs, TV host
    Fred Doucette, state representative, New Hampshire
    Matt Drudge, publisher of the Drudge Report
    David Duke, former representative, Louisiana, and former KKK leader
    John Duncan, U.S. representative, Tennessee (R)
    Wayne Dupree, blogger

    Clint Eastwood, actor
    Bernie Ecclestone, CEO, Formula One Group
    Greg Edwards, former county executive, Chautauqua County
    Bill Elliott, retired NASCAR driver
    Chase Elliott, NASCAR driver
    Renee Ellmers, U.S. representative, North Carolina (R)
    Matt Erickson, president, Minnesotans for Trump
    Sue Everhart, chairman, Georgia Republican Party
    Charles Evers, former mayor of Fayette, Mississippi

    Marc Faber, investor
    Jerry Falwell Jr., president, Liberty University
    Louis Farrakhan, leader, Nation of Islam
    John Feehery, Washington lobbyist
    Richard Ferdinand, former state senator, New Hampshire
    Arnaldo Ferraro, chairman, Republican Party of Kings County, New York
    Lou Ferrigno, actor
    Joey Fillingane, state representative, Mississippi
    Robert Fisher, state representative, New Hampshire
    Michael T. Flynn, retired general
    Adrienne Foster, director, Kansas Hispanic and Latino American Affairs Commission
    Brian France, CEO, NASCAR
    John Fredericks, radio host
    Margaret Frontera, member, Bergen County Republican Organization

    Carl Gallups, pastor, Florida
    Day Gardner founder, The National Black Pro Life Union
    Matt Gaetz, state representative, Florida
    Lou Gargiulo, former state representative, New Hampshire
    Lawrence Garvey, chairman, Republican Party of Rockland County, New York
    Mark “Oz” Geist, Benghazi veteran, co-author of 13 Hours
    Jim Gilchrist, leader, the Minuteman Project
    Newt Gingrich, former U.S. House speaker (R)
    Teresa Giudice, TV personality
    Rudy Giuliani, former mayor, New York City
    Virgil Goode, former U.S. representative, Virginia (R)
    Kent Gray, former member, Board of Trustees for Lincoln Land Community College, Illinois
    Stephen L. Gunn, former state representative, Louisiana

    Jeff Hale, state representative, Mississippi
    Harold Hamm, oil and gas billionaire
    Sean Hannity, TV personality
    Gary L. Harrell, retired general
    Phil Hart, former state representative, Idaho
    Troy Hebert, former state senator, Louisiana
    Ed Henry, state representative, Alabama (R)
    James Hirsen, columnist
    Nghi Ho, member, Texas Asian Republican Caucus
    Hulk Hogan, former professional wrestler
    Holly Holm, boxer
    Mytheos Holt, senior fellow, Institute for Liberty
    Lou Holtz, former college football coach
    Werner Horn, state representative, New Hampshire
    Tim Howard, sheriff, Erie County, New York
    Mike Huckabee, former governor, Arkansas (R)
    Greg Hughes, state representative, Utah
    Jesse Hughes, singer-songwriter
    Scottie Nell Hughes, radio commentator
    Joe Hune, state senator, Michigan
    Duncan D. Hunter, U.S. representative, California (R)
    John Huntsman, presidential candidate 2012
    Charles Hurt, columnist, Washington Times

    Carl Icahn, billionaire investor
    Vincent Ignizio, former member, New York City Council
    Richie Incognito, professional football player
    Laura Ingraham, radio host

    Jesse James, TV personality
    Vinnie James, musician
    Robert Jeffress, pastor, First Baptist Church, Dallas, Texas
    Paula Johnson, former state representative, New Hampshire
    Alex Jones, radio host
    Burt Jones, state senator, Georgia
    Brent A. Jones, state representative, Nevada
    Paula Jones, former Arkansas state employee, Bill Clinton accuser

    Bob Kasten, former U.S. senator, Wisconsin (R)
    Rabia Kazan, journalist
    Keith Kellogg, retired general
    Max Keiser, host, Keiser Report on Russia Today Channel
    Scott Kiedrowski, chairman, Republican Party of Niagara County, New York
    Todd Kincannon, radio host
    Dmitri K. Kiselyov, chief, Russia Today Channel
    Robert Kiyosaki, author
    Lori Klein, former state senator, Arizona
    Bobby Knight, former basketball coach
    David Knight, radio host
    Jake Knotts, former state senator, South Carolina
    Kris Kobach, secretary of state, Kansas
    Charles R. Kubic, retired admiral
    Charles Kushner, real estate developer
    Jared Kushner, owner, The New York Observer

    Kenneth A. Lanci, businessman
    Nicholas A. Langworthy, chairman, Republican Party of Erie County, New York
    Lars Larson, radio host
    John J. LaValle, chairman, Republican Party of Suffolk County, New York
    Jerry Lawler, professional wrestler
    Charlotte Laws, TV host
    Paul LePage, governor, Maine (R)
    Tom Leppert, former mayor of Dallas, Texas
    Bruce LeVell, former chairman, Republican Party of Gwinnett County, Georgia
    Corey Lewandowski, campaign manager, Trump 2016
    Jerry Lewis, comedian
    Matt Light, retired professional football player
    Amy Lindsay, actress
    James F. Linzey, ordained minister, Southern Baptist Convention
    Bob Livingston, former U.S. representative, Louisiana (R)
    Jeffrey Lord, political aide, Reagan administration
    Loretta Lynn, singer-songwriter
    Llessa Lyon, research analyst

    Betsy McCaughey, health policy analyst
    Kayleigh McEnany, political commentator, CNN
    Gavin McInnes, co-founder, Vice Media
    Henry McMaster, lieutenant governor, South Carolina
    Jimmy McMillan, leader, Rent Is Too Damn High Party
    Nancy Mace, businesswoman
    Paul Manafort, Washington lobbyist
    Ed Mangano, county executive, Nassau County, New York
    Nick Mangold, professional football player
    Omarosa Manigault, TV personality
    James David Manning, chief pastor, ATLAH World Missionary Church
    Tom Marino, U.S. representative, Pennsylvania (R)
    Mark Martin, retired NASCAR driver
    Julio Martinez, former mayor, Hialeah, Florida
    John K. Mashburn, policy director, Trump 2016
    Mark R. Maynard, state senator, West Virginia
    James H. Merrill, state representative, South Carolina
    Shawne Merriman, retired professional football player
    Jeff Miller, U.S. Representative, Florida (R)
    Stephan Miller, former adviser to U.S. senator Jeff Sessions, Alabama (R)
    Bert Mizusawa, retired general
    Van Mobley, village president, Thiensville, Wisconsin
    Joseph Mondello, chairman, Republican Party of Nassau County, New York
    Justin Moore, singer-songwriter
    Alex Monsour, state representative, Mississippi
    Hal Moroz, county judge, Georgia
    Stephen Moore, fiscal pundit
    Peter Munson Hogan, actor
    Mike Murdock, televangelist
    Rupert Murdoch, press mogul

    Kevin Nash, actor-wrestler
    Peter Navarro, economics professor, University of California, Irvine
    Joshua Nelson, state representative, West Virginia
    Ryan Newman, NASCAR driver
    Wayne Newton, entertainer
    Bill Nojay, state representative, New York
    John Nolte, Breitbart author
    Ted Nugent, singer-songwriter

    Robert C. Oaks, retired general
    Paul O’Neill, retired professional baseball player
    Bill O’Reilly, TV personality
    Tito Ortiz, former

    Consistent #5903

    Doug Ose, former U.S. representative, California (R)
    Terrell Owens, retired professional football player

    Billy Packer, former college basketball player
    Carter Page, founder, Global Energy Capital
    Carl Paladino, real estate mogul
    Sarah Palin, former governor, Alaska (R)
    George Papadopoulos, director, London Center of International Law Practice
    Randy Patterson, state representative, Mississippi
    Trisha Paytas, YouTube personality
    Daniel S. Peña, Sr., businessman
    Joe Pennacchio, state senator, New Jersey
    Walid Phares, professor, National Defense University
    John Phillips, radio host
    Katrina Pierson, Trump 2016 spokeswoman
    Jeanine Pirro, judge, TV host
    Joe Pitre, state representative, New Hampshire
    Kendal Prewett, owner, B&P Enterprises Inc.

    David Ragan, NASCAR driver
    Tom Reed, U.S. representative, New York (R)
    Bill Reilich, supervisor, Town of Greece
    Jon Reynolds, president, Charter Financial Services
    Kid Rock, musician
    Dennis Rodman, retired professional basketball player
    Kenny Rogers, singer-songwriter
    Margaret Rogers, state representative, Mississippi
    Willie Robertson, CEO, Duck Commander
    John Rocker, retired professional baseball player
    Wayne Allyn Root, radio host
    Phil Ruffin, businessman
    John Russell, former state senator, South Carolina
    Rex Ryan, football coach

    Sarah Huckabee Sanders, senior campaign adviser, Trump 2016
    Michael Savage, radio host
    Dan Scavino, former executive vice president, The Trump Organization
    Joe Scarborough, TV personality
    Michael Scheuer, blogger, author
    Joseph E. Schmitz, former inspector general, Department of Defense
    Phyllis Schlafly, activist
    Darrell Scott, pastor
    Rick Scott, governor, Florida (R)
    Kathryn Serkes, publicist
    Jeff Sessions, U.S. senator, Alabama (R)
    Ralph Shortey, state senator, Oklahoma
    Roger L. Simon, novelist
    Hossein Shariatmadari, journalist
    Remy Sheppard, blogger
    Bill Shuster, U.S. representative, Pennsylvania (R)
    Jesse Singh, founder, American Sikhs for Trump
    Randy Smith, state representative, West Virginia
    Chael Sonnen, retired UFC fighter
    Latrell Sprewell, retired professional basketball player
    Carol Springer, treasurer, Arizona
    Vic Sprouse, former state senator, West Virginia
    Sylvester Stallone, actor
    Gary Staples, state representative, Mississippi
    Stephen Stepanek state representative, New Hampshire
    Dennis Stephens, government relations professional, K&L Gates
    Corey Stewart, supervisor, Prince William County, Virginia
    David Stockman, former Director, U.S. Office of Management and Budget (OMB)
    Roger Stone, Washington lobbyist
    Rodney Strange, chairman, Republican Party of Chemung County, New York
    Keith Summey, mayor, North Charleston, South Carolina

    Orly Taitz, dentist
    Andrea Tantaros, TV personality
    Dan Tamburello, state representative, New Hampshire
    Sajid Tarar, founder, Muslims for Trump
    Miesha Tate, UFC women’s bantamweight champion
    Tila Tequila, TV personality
    Paul Teutul, Sr. Co. founder, Orange County Choppers
    Luke Thorburn, financial adviser, Goldman Sachs
    John “TIG” Tiegen, Benghazi veteran, co-author of 13 Hours
    Joseph A. Trillo, state representative, Rhode Island
    Ralph Torres, governor, Northern Mariana Islands (U.S. territory)
    Donald Trump Jr., businessman
    Eric Trump, businessman
    Ivanka Trump, businesswoman
    Ivana Trump, socialite
    Melania Trump, former fashion model
    Mike Turner, former state representative, Oklahoma
    Mike Tyson, former boxer

    Paul E. Vallely, retired general
    Daryush Valizadeh, columnist
    Jean-Claude Van Damme, actor
    Mike Vereb, state representative, Pennsylvania
    Thayer Verschoor, former state senator, Arizona
    Jon Voight, actor
    Kevin Von Erich, former professional wrestler

    Herschel Walker, retired professional football player
    Nicolle Wallace, unknown
    Joe Walsh, radio host
    Ron Walters, state representative, West Virginia
    Chris Weidman, former UFC middleweight champion
    Diana West, columnist
    Brad White, state representative, West Virginia
    Dana White, president, Ultimate Fighting Championship
    Joshua Whitehouse, state representative, New Hampshire
    Kendra Wilkinson, TV personality
    Michael Williams, state senator, Georgia
    Steve Wynn, CEO, Wynn Resorts Limited

    Wirt Yerger III, businessman
    Milo Yiannopoulos, commentator
    Melissa Young, Miss Wisconsin 2005

    Brad Zaun, state senator, Iowa

    Consistent #5904

    II. Endorsed Trump After May 3, 2016*

    Sheldon Adelson, gaming magnate
    Kelly Ayotte, U.S. senator, New Hampshire (R)

    Ken Blackwell, former secretary of state, Ohio (R)
    Roy Blunt, U.S. senator, Missouri (R)
    John Boehner, former U.S. House speaker (R)
    Tom Bolvin, former state representative, Virginia (R)
    Richard Burr, U.S. senator, North Carolina (R)

    Dick Cheney, former vice president of the United States (R)
    KellyAnne Conway, pollster
    Tom Cotton, U.S. senator, Arkansas

    Ari Fleischer, former White House press spokesman, Bush administration

    Pamela Geller, columnist
    Ed Gillespie, 2017 candidate for governor, Virginia (R)
    Jim Gilmore, former governor, Virginia (R)

    Nikki Haley, governor, South Carolina (R)

    Darrell Issa, U.S. representative, California (R)

    Bobby Jindal, governor, Louisiana (R)

    Peter King, U.S. representative, New York (R)
    Mark Kirk, U.S. senator, Illinois (R)

    Rush Limbaugh, radio host
    Trent Lott, former U.S. senator, Mississippi (R)

    John McCain, U.S. senator, Arizona (R)
    Andrew C. McCarthy, columnist, National Review
    Mitch McConnell, U.S. senator, Kentucky (R)
    Candice Miller, U.S. representative, Michigan (R)

    Rand Paul, U.S. senator, Kentucky (R)
    Mike Pence, governor, Indiana (R)
    Rick Perry, former governor, Texas (R)
    Jim Pinkerton, columnist,
    Reince Priebus, chairman, Republican National Committee

    Pete Ricketts, governor, Nebraska (R)
    Marco Rubio, U.S. senator, Florida (R)

    Brian Sandoval, governor, Nevada (R)
    Matt Schlapp, chairman, American Conservative Union
    Kurt Schlichter, columnist
    Dan Sullivan, U.S. senator, Alaska

    Pat Toomey, U.S. senator, Pennsylvania (R)

    ConstitutionalConservative #5913

    Add 330 million more names to those who support Hillary via Trump and I still won’t vote for either of them.

    EVERYDAY #5918

    I see Alex Jones on the list. The guy is demented. He has originated and/or perpetrated most, if not all, of the lies and distortions about Ted Cruz, including, but not limited to, the bogus injection between Rafael Cruz and Lee Harvey Oswald.

    EVERYDAY #5921

    Local news here says that Pat Toomey has not endorsed Trump. He apparently said he is ‘inclined” to endorse Trump, but he wants Trump to change his tone.

    ConservativeGranny #5924

    Needs to “change his tone”? In other words, he needs to lie a bit more. I have to laugh at these people who say that Trump needs to sound more conservative or move more to the right. How does one change their core beliefs that quickly? Like changing socks?

    If Trump starts changing his tone or sounding more conservative he’s lying. I think we will see more and more of who Trump really is now that he thinks he has this all sewn up.

    If you have to be holding someone’s feet to the fire that means you probably shouldn’t have voted for them in the first place because their core beliefs leave much to be desired.

    EVERYDAY #5970

    Granny, I believe Toomey is hedging because he is up for re-election and facing a strong, free stuff Democrat opponent. He likes to present himself as a conservative, but after he and Democrat Joe Manchin came up with that so-called bipartisan common-sense gun control legislation a few years ago, Toomey is on thin ice with conservative supporters. I’m sure he knows that Trump is no conservative, but he is in a quandary — should he support the presumptive nominee, or wait for the convention when perhaps a real conservative (Cruz) could emerge victorious. If he endorses Trump now, he could lose the conservative vote in November if this summer, a better candidate is nominated.

    ConservativeGranny #5975

    Thanks for the insight Everyday.

    rgintn #5982

    a liberal democrat winning the Republican primaries…its as shocking as the day Princess Diana died so tragically

    tlcrisp60 #6049

    I would add nearly all of Free Republic. It was a site I used to enjoy. I rarely
    visit the website anymore but went there this morning to find this……..I don’t see how someone can say this with a straight face or with sincerity. I view the Trump supporters as Kardashian voters, similar to Obama worshipers. They love the slogans…Hope and Change, Make America Great.

    tlcrisp60 #6051

    You could not support Trump if you truly believed in God, family, country, the declaration, the bill or rights or the constitution. So called conservatives abandoned a true constitutional conservative for the Trump fantasy. I will not abandoned my principles to vote for the R. I will remain #nevertrump. The trump supporters own this. The Free Republic Trump supporters own this. They truly believe there is difference Trump and Hillary? It’s amazing stuff to watch.

    • This reply was modified 7 years, 4 months ago by tlcrisp60.
    tlcrisp60 #6053

    Trump supporters vilify Levin and other TRUE conservatives for holding steadfast to the core principles and beliefs of the conservative movement. Personalities that they used to admire and quote are now suddenly not on the right side of conservatism. I submit it’s NOT Levin, Brad Thor, or any other well known conservative that abandoned the core principles. It is the people that want that feel good feeling of make America great that abandoned the core principles.

    EVERYDAY #6055

    Trump supporters have gone round the bend. If you want to see real nastiness from these cult followers, take a look at Ted Cruz’s Facebook page. The Trumpsters are not satisfied that their candidate has “won.” They are determined to crush Ted Cruz and his supporters completely. Already they have set their sights on Ted Cruz’s re-election campaign. They have also indicated that anyone in the House or Senate who does not endorse or indicate support for Trump will also be crushed, particularly when it comes time for re-election. They have had great success in torpedoing Cruz’s campaign through lies, distortions, accusations and malicious gossip. These fanatics intend to do the same to others who won’t toe the line.

    tlcrisp60 #6057

    I have been very active on Ted Cruzs facebook page and know exactly what you are talking about. It was exhausting trying to promote a constitutional conservative and defend against the misinformation. Trump supporters are full of mania……….it’s the reality show mentality!!!

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