Live Discussion: 2016 GOP Presidential Debate in NH

Source: | February 6, 2016 |

Hosted by ABC News

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  • Consistent #604
    EVERYDAY #605

    Thanks for getting this thread started.

    Wonder how much time will be spent on real issues and how much time will be spent on the Ben Carson “nontroversy.”

    Whirlwind #606

    Prayers for Senator Cruz, he wears a big bulls-eye at tonight’s debate. They will go after him big time.

    EVERYDAY #607

    Prayers up indeed. The mods and the rest of the candidates are out for blood.

    Consistent #611

    Consistent #614

    silver pines #615

    I’m joining y’all in prayer for Ted.

    Consistent #617

    Dear Father, let us see your magnificent manifestation on the GOP debate stage tonight.

    EVERYDAY #618

    ABC is really shilling for Trump and Rubio. Announced that the “top” contenders will be on This Week tomortow. But only Trump and Rubio will be on. No mention of Ted Cruz.

    EVERYDAY #619

    Forgive me for saying so, but Trump is an ***.

    ConservativeGranny #620

    Are they ever going to ask a policy question?

    EVERYDAY #621

    Kasich just drone on about North Korea.

    Well, at least he didn’t mention his father, the mailman.

    ConservativeGranny #622

    Which candidate ever advocated going into houses, ripping out the parents and leaving the kids alone? Is Kasich having nightmares?

    EVERYDAY #623

    Another reason not to like Rubio: He yaps way too much and he really doesn’t say anything. He talks like a used car salesman (with apologies to used car salesmen). Rapid fire, like someone is chasing him.

    4 years of him and his talk, talk, talk will kill me,

    EVERYDAY #624

    And who is this 67% who think raising taxes on the wealthy is a good idea?

    Must be Bernie supporters.

    EVERYDAY #625

    Rubo & Jeb want a reinstated draft to include women. That should make feminists happy.

    Victoria #626

    Had to go to church – got back, started watching about 7:40 pm central standard time. Seems to me Cruz isn’t getting as much time as the others. I also notice more supporting claps/noise for Rubio than the others.

    Did hear Trump complain the audience was a set up, not for him, and the audience booed him numerous times during that rant of his. That was good to see.
    Victoria = Marcella from other site.

    EVERYDAY #627

    Oh brother. Jeb just said he’s pro-life.

    Wasn’t so pro-life when it came to Terri Schiavo.

    EVERYDAY #628

    Victoria, yes they are trying to ignore Cruz as usual, but when he did get to speak, he does well. Too bad the audience is either pro-Trump or pro-Rubio.

    And I notice that Trump’s skin color is a lovely shade of red tonight. It’s not an improvement over red.

    Consistent #630

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