Live Discussion: 2016 GOP Presidential Debate in TX (Feb 25)

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The GOP presidential debate in Houston, TX on Saturday February 25th, 2016

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    Kasich says he will not give illegals a path to citizenship, but rather, a path to legalization. Huh?

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    Trump is being insufferable as always. And someone please tell Rubio to slow down.

    ConservativeGranny #1601

    I’m going to pray during this entire debate. God’s in the driver’s seat here. I pray He has mercy on us unworthy as we are. God help us.

    EVERYDAY #1602

    I’ve been praying since last night.

    ConservativeGranny #1604

    Carson, never misses an opportunity to whine about not be paid enough attention to.

    EVERYDAY #1605

    Carson has a terrible chip on his shoulder. I had thought he was above all the race thing, but he isn’t. Too bad I admired him.

    And if I were a consumer of alcohol, I would be drunk by now. Might make listening to Trump more tolerable

    ConservativeGranny #1606

    Trump never answers a question directly. It’s all platitudes and talking around an issue using buzzwords. Nothing of substance. It’s ridiculous.

    ConservativeGranny #1607

    Trump’s going to cut so much our “heads are going to spin”. We are going to get so sick of winning. How can people take this stuff seriously? He’s a joke. What president talks like that? He talks like a bragging teenage boy coping with fluctuating hormone levels.

    rodamala #1608

    Trump never answers a question directly. It’s all platitudes and talking around an issue using buzzwords. Nothing of substance. It’s ridiculous.

    The weak-minded love it. Everything Trump says is aimed at the typical “Ow May Balls”-watching Idiocracy inhabitant.


    (It’s got electrolytes)

    ConservativeGranny #1610

    The size of my company is “very very large”. BWHAHAHAHAH! I’m sorry, that is I think the funniest line of this entire debate. Trump revealed more about himself in that one sentence than any of his books could reveal. LOL!

    Oh please, someone pinch me and wake me from this nightmare! The American public just wants to be entertained. They don’t care anymore. Throw a couple of Christians in with the lions! Life is a reality tv show. Bread and circuses. What a tragedy this country has become.

    Having to watch a serious patriot like Ted Cruz have to share a stage with and debate a man of so little substance like Trump is truly painful.

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    Oh Carson shut the heck up!!! Sick of it already.

    ConservativeGranny #1612

    Why is Carson even there? What is his point?

    EVERYDAY #1614

    I had to turn off this sham of a debate. Having to listen to Trump was just too much for me.

    When Obama became president in 2008, I listened to maybe 2 or 3 of his speeches initially. Then I quit for almost 8 years. Even the sight of him on a TV news story is enough to make me hurl.

    So as I’m listening to that arrogant you-know-what Trump be his uncouth self, I thought, if people are dumb enough to make him president, I guess I won’t be listening to or watching him either. Another 4 years of changing the channel every time the President of the United States comes into view. That’s sad. Used to respect the office of the President, even those presidents I didn’t like. Can’t do that anymore.

    Victoria #1615

    I was an hour late getting in. I thought it was 8:30 central time but it was eastern time.

    Cruz has done very well and Trump has made his ususal nonsense talk and face screw ups. Rubio just can’t handle being president. If we had Cruz with Kasich as his vice president, things would get taken care of.

    I say Kasich because I watched him balance the US budget the last time it was done and he knows how to do it. It really upset me when he left the US government because he was so fine. He is a man of knowledge and heart. People on FR make fun of Kasich and they know nothing of how fine he was for us in the US House.

    About a year ago, there was a possibility we might move from Texas to Ohio to live across the street from his son. I was willing to live in Ohio with Kasich as governor. We could still move there in the future as we are getting older (by the day) and that would be family close by. I would not move to a state with a Democrat governor.

    I think this debate was good for Cruz and not so much for Trump. I am waiting for Trump to say something so horrible, it sinks him.

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