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May God have mercy on us!

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    I’m not in SC. I live in GA. I voted for him today b/c I work the day our primary is being held. I live in GA, but work in FL, so leaving the house at 0600 and getting home at 2030-2100 doesn’t work for me. I know many don’t like that we have the polls open to early voting, but this year it worked for me. Praise God I didn’t have to miss this very important vote!

    Pray for righteousness to be restored and for the peace of Jerusalem

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    I don’t understand how those numbers could be so close.

    The nation really has lost its mind, so-called conservatives included.

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    I am unfortunately learning how people in past great civilizations who loved their country must have felt watching their nation grumble around them. Knowing that they couldn’t prevent it from happening.

    If the lower candidates had dropped out by now Cruz’s numbers would be higher. The other candidates do not care and love this Republic like Cruz does. Either they are being paid off to make sure Cruz does not win or their egos are that large that they only care for themselves and to hell with the country.

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    We have to remember that it was an open primary.

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    Whirlwind, I tend to believe it’s the former—-they were paid off. Carson says this is only the beginning (!!!!).

    Steve Deace said that SC evangelicals are bragging about voting for a man who never asked God for forgiveness, and that the church in America is very sick.

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    Consistent, that’s very true.

    I just saw our friend on twitter, MichiganCruzer, say let’s see what happens when Rump has to compete in a closed primary.

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    I just got to my computer. Trump wins in the 30+ percentage. Cruz and Rubio still too close to call for 2nd, third. Just watched Jeb stopping his campaign. Trump is speaking and I switched the channel, not watching the worst thing to happen to this country if he wins the nomination.

    I hope and pray he does something soon that will bring him down once and for all. Cruz will keep on with his ground game to Super Tuesday.

    Trump is headed to Arizona. Suppose the others are, too. The Republican caucus there is this coming Tuesday. I expect Trump to win that due to the large number of casino workers and big time money there – people like him.

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    Sorry, mean to type Nevada, not Arizona.

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