Macron: Biden has 'definitely' convinced allies that U.S. is back

Source: Politico | June 12, 2021 | Ben Leonard

“I think it’s great to have the U.S. president part of the club, and very willing to cooperate,” France’s president said.

French President Emmanuel Macron said Saturday that President Joe Biden has “definitely” convinced allies that the U.S. is back, praising Biden as the two leaders sat side by side at the G-7 summit, according to a pool report.

“I think it’s great to have the U.S. president part of the club, and very willing to cooperate,” Macron said at the summit in England. “What you demonstrate is that leadership is partnership.”

Biden replied “we can do a lot,” echoing his common refrain that America has returned to being a leader on the world stage after former President Donald Trump’s four years in office.

“We’re back. The U.S. is back,” Biden said. “We feel very, very strongly about the cohesion of NATO and I for one think that the European Union is an incredibly strong and vibrant entity that has a lot to do with the ability of pushing Europe to not only handle its economic issues but provide the backbone and the support for NATO … And so we are very supportive, very supportive.”

Macron’s comments came as the two leaders were scheduled to have a much-anticipated bilateral meeting Saturday, Biden’s only formal bilateral meeting of the day.


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    The whole crew of G7 leaders looked a lot happier this year than when Trump was among them. This is upsetting to the Trumpys and their propaganda outlets. One of them was complaining about President Biden and President Macron being too chummy — allegedly because they were hugging and shaking hands when they should only be elbow bumping at best. They are all looking for something to express false outrage about.

    Our allies have been reassured that we are on their side and they can feel comfortable being on our side. We have a president who knows who our friends are and who is not going to make nice to our enemies.

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