Malkin: Here’s How Unsafe and Screwed Up America’s Visa Programs Are

Source: Conservative Review | March 17, 2016 | Michelle Malkin


The latest Department of Homeland Security Inspector General’s report released this week rather blandly laundry-lists the continued failures to put our country’s sovereignty and safety over the “customer service” mentality of open-borders bureaucrats.

The IG reported:

“After 11 years, USCIS has made little progress in transforming its paper-based processes into an automated immigration benefits processing environment. USCIS now estimates that it will take three more years and an additional $1 billion to automate benefit processing. This delay will prevent USCIS from achieving its workload processing, national security, and customer service goals.” 

So the American immigration bureaucracy continues to grant green cards, naturalization approvals, and work benefits to millions of foreigners every year even though its bureaucrats are operating in the 20th century and can’t guarantee our national security.

You’ll love these findings, too:

“Work and fiancé visas were the predominant means that human traffickers used to bring victims into the United States legally. We made this determination based on matching ICE’s human trafficking data against USCIS’ data on visa petitions. Specifically, 17 of 32 known human trafficking cases we identified involved the use of nonimmigrant work visas and fiancé visas; the remaining 15 victims entered the United States illegally or overstayed their visitor visas. In one example, fiancé visas were used to lure human trafficking victims to the United States as part of marriage fraud schemes. The traffickers confiscated the victims’ passports and subjected them to involuntary servitude, forced labor, and/or forced sex.” 


Translation: Chain migration is also likely being exploited to move eve more sex slaves into the country.


ICE is not collecting and reporting data to assess visa security.

ICE is not training and advising consular officials oversees to ensure visa security.

In fact, the IG disclosed, “during our site visits we found a number of embassies where the consular officers have not been provided with any training, or training on a sporadic basis.”

None. Zip. Nada.



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