Man arrested in connection to pipe bomb packages

Source: Washington Examiner | October 26, 2018 | Katelyn Caralle

Federal authorities have arrested a man in connection to the “potentially explosive devices” packages that were sent this week, the Department of Justice confirmed Friday.

A department spokeswoman confirmed one person is in custody, and said the department would discuss the arrest Friday afternoon.

The man was arrested in Plantation, Fla., which is in a suburb of Miami, and he reportedly lives a few miles from the place where he was arrested.

Fox News is reporting that the suspect arrested is a white male in his 50’s that is a “former New Yorker,” NYPD is on scene at the arrest location.

He also has prior arrests for “terroristic threats,” according to Fox News.

CNN reports that there is likely forensic evidence that links the man who was arrested to the packages.


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    “The man arrested is Florida resident Cesar Sayoc Jr., law enforcement officials told NBC.”

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    Trump fans insist this guy is not one of them. Already the conspiracy theories abound — that he’s a Democrat or someone hired by Democrats to make Trump and his fans look bad.

    Trump has always been this larger than life celebrity with the persona of a tough guy. All celebrities attract fans, some of whom may be unbalanced. Trump’s persona makes him particularly attractive to violent, mentally ill fans. What’s more, Trump’s fans are more like a cult. His enemies are their enemies. Although Trump has not directly asked his followers to commit violence against his enemies, there may be some like this man who might think killing those enemies would be a good thing. Cult members always want to please their leaders. Killing Trump’s enemies would in their minds make them heroes to Trump himself.

    Trump will not alter or tone down his rhetoric. Doing so now probably will not make a difference. But he could do a better job of acknowledging the problem and condemning the violent tendencies of his own followers. Trump and his fans need to get their heads out of the sand and face the fact that this guy is one of them and they have just as much of a problem as do Antifa and other leftist organizations.

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