March Sees Record Gun Sales

Source: Washington Free Beacon | 4 April 16 | Stephen Gutowski

Gun sales broke records yet again in the month of March.

The FBI performed 2,523,265 firearms-related background checks between March 1 and March 31, according to the agency’s records. That’s a new record for the month. It’s nearly 35,000 more checks than the previous record set in March 2014.

Despite the new record, March saw the fewest checks of any month so far in 2016. 



Alan Gottlieb, who founded the pro-gun Second Amendment Foundation, said the political rhetoric combined with recent acts of terror and economic uncertainty have driven gun sales. “These ongoing new monthly records reflect the concerns Americans have about crime, terrorism, economic turmoil and the political class gun prohibition attempts to disarm them,” he said.”They are voting with their checkbooks and buying more firearms and ammunition.”

“People have a real fear about where we are headed.”



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  • ConstitutionalConservative #3840

    I for one am glad to see the trend steadily increasing, the more gun owners the harder it will be for obama and his congressional minions to destroy the Second Amendment, that is not to say they will not continue to try, the story at the link does say obama will continue gun control efforts through the use of Executive Action, and this may be one of the drivers to the increase you know people thinking better get while the getting is good. The story does say March is somewhat fewer than Jan and Feb 2016 but it still reflects increases year over year.

    Soon we will not have to worry when Cruz takes over in January but God Forbid if Trump or Hillary gets elected well then we are likely to lose most all our rights and it will happen very very quick. Know intelligent person would believe Trump really supports the Second Amendment or any other amendments for that matter, that should be clear to even the most casual observer of the Trump campaign, what his supporters see is not what they will get; he has said so very clearly.

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