Mattis to order 800 troops to US-Mexico border: reports

Source: The Hill | October 25, 2018 | Rebecca Kheel

Defense Secretary James Mattis is expected to sign an order sending up to 800 troops to the U.S.-Mexico border amid President Trump’s ongoing focus on a migrant caravan traveling to the United States, according to multiple reports.

Citing unidentified U.S. officials, reports said Mattis could sign the order as soon as Thursday to send hundreds of U.S. service members to help with logistical support such as providing tents and fencing.

A spokesman for the Pentagon later on Thursday said it expected to get a request for assistance from the Department of Homeland Security.

“The Department of Defense continues to monitor events along the Southwest U.S. border, including the status of the migrant caravan heading north through Mexico,” Pentagon spokesperson Capt. Bill Speaks said in the statement. 

“We anticipate receiving a request for assistance (RFA) from the Department of Homeland Security and are currently working with DHS to determine the specifics of our support to Customs and Border Protection (CBP).”


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  • Consistent #26172

    ConservativeGranny #26173

    So they are going to stop this illegal migration with tents and fencing? Seriously?

    EVERYDAY #26174

    I keep reading this over and over. I’m not so sure it relates directly to stopping the caravans, but rather, to add to the unarmed National Guard already deployed there.

    At least, I would hope Trump would make good on his word to provide a strong military presence at the border — certainly more than 800 troops and certainly armed. But with Trump, one never knows what he’s going to do — including himself.

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