McCabe says it's 'absolutely' time to launch impeachment inquiry into Trump

Source: The Hill | June 14, 2019 | Chris Mills Rodrigo

Former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe said Thursday that it was “absolutely” time to launch an impeachment inquiry against President Trump.

CNN’s Chris Cuomo asked McCabe, “Do you believe that an impeachment inquiry is warranted based on what you understand and what has come out of the Mueller report?”

“Absolutely,” McCabe responded, pointing to special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, which found insufficient evidence to charge Trump with conspiring with Moscow to interfere in the election, but did not fully exonerate him with regards to obstruction of justice.

“I think we are clearly there with the results of the special counsel team,” McCabe said. “There are so many witnesses who could provide important essential testimony to Congress that can only be done in the scope of an impeachment inquiry.”

“Action should be taken immediately,” he continued, and it is “beside the point” whether the inquiry results in articles of impeachment.

McCabe was fired from the FBI last year after an internal report found he was not forthcoming with investigators.

He responded that his dismissal was part of a larger effort by the administration to discredit the FBI and the special counsel’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.

Mueller’s report detailed numerous contacts that Trump associates and campaign members had with Russian figures during the 2016 race.


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