Mike Lee Endorses Ted Cruz for President

Source: Cruz News | March 10, 2016 |

MIAMI, FL – Today, conservative champion and leading policy reformer Senator Mike Lee of Utah endorsed Ted Cruz for President. Lee has been a leading voice for conservative values, limited government, and restoring Constitutional principles. Like Cruz, Lee has helped lead many of the most important policy debates in Washington, including his strong opposition to Obamacare and amnesty, protecting Americans’ civil liberties while improving security, and defending religious liberty and free speech.  For several years, Lee has fostered an idea factory of innovative policy reforms through his Conservative Reform Agenda and has aggressively pushed for the Republican Party to be the party that solves America’s greatest challenges.

“Ted Cruz has been a tireless defender of the Constitution and the founding principles that have made this the greatest country the world has ever known,” said Lee, who, like Cruz, is a former Supreme Court clerk. “Ted is a leader with a proven record of fighting for our conservative values and for the issues that matter most to Americans. He has shown time and again that he is willing to stand up to Washington. Ted is an authentic fighter who will ensure that poverty is temporary instead of tolerable, that hardworking families will have real opportunities to rise and he will put an end to the special perks and privileges for the wealthy and well-connected.  America deserves a president who is principled, positive and proven – I believe that describes Ted Cruz and why I am proud to endorse him for President of the United States.”

“I couldn’t be more humbled by Mike’s endorsement,” said Cruz. “He has been a tremendous friend and I am deeply honored by his support.  No one has fought harder to restore the rule of law, end cronyism, and level the playing field for millions of Americans.  Mike is a brilliant policy entrepreneur who has been a driving force in promoting conservative reforms to lift people out of poverty, make education more affordable, and fix our tax system. I am privileged to have his support and look forward to having his help coalescing conservatives around our campaign.”


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