Monsters from the Id

Source: PJ Media | May 22, 2016 | Michael Walsh

… Trump is the furthest thing possible from an ideological candidate, which is why he has driven those for whom ideology is paramount absolutely mental this election cycle. He cares not a whit for von Mises, or Hayek, or Ronald Reagan, and I doubt whether he would know the first two names mentioned. He is, in essence, the monster from the Id, the perfect Ayn Rand candidate who exists only to serve himself, and if other folks benefit in the bargain, so be it …

On the other hand, if the thought of Hillary Clinton — whose Id rages even more furiously than Trump’s — as president doesn’t terrify you, I suggest checking yourself for a pulse. Mrs. Clinton, filled with hatred and a lust for vengeance that would put Hagen to shame, would rampage through the American government like none other, Obama himself included …

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    Two raging monsters, fire breathing morbid dragons running rampant throughout the republic bent on destruction, undeterred and no help in sight, now the rancid monsters will consume and defile what little is left.

    Is it just me or does anyone else sense a bloody revolution, we are surrounded by enemies on every side all possible political solutions have been exhausted, the only question is will it happen sooner or later, then there is the worst case scenario no revolution at all.

    Victoria #6448

    Someone posted a message yesterday of a conclusion with which I agree. If Hillary takes Bernie Sanders as her Vice-Pres., she gets all his votes and Trump cannot win.

    This makes sense because if Sanders isn’t on the ticket, those voters will stay home and I do mean stay home, not go to the polls and leave the presidential spot blank and vote down ticket. I say that because so many of his voters are younger, 40s on down, and they don’t care who is in congress, they just want Bernie and his free give away stuff. They will stay home. Now, if Clinton takes Bernie, all those voters will go vote for Clinton/Bernie, figuring they will get their free stuff if he is on the ticket.

    Trump already has bad poll numbers with women and Spanish and Black voters and the NeverTrump people, so he loses.

    Voting: Vote your conscience, stay true to your values and forget what others say about your vote. I am voting for Libertarian Gary Johnson. Their convention is this weekend.

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