More than 2 million survivors had personal information compromised in FEMA privacy incident

Source: Washington Examiner | March 22, 2019 | Daniel Jativa

The Federal Emergency Management Agency said Friday the agency accidentally shared the sensitive information of some 2.5 million survivors, including personal addresses and bank information, according to a new report.

The government agency, which is responsible for assisting areas affected by natural disasters, wrongly gave the sensitive information to a contract vendor, reported the Washington Post. FEMA called it a “major privacy incident,” saying that the agency “provided more information than was necessary” to the contractor.

“We believe this oversharing has impacted approximately 2.5 million disaster survivors,” said a Department of Homeland Security official.

Agency officials said that as soon as they were notified of the breach, they stopped sharing information with the contractor. FEMA says it conducted a thorough investigation into the contractor’s information system where the data had been stored and determined that the information had not been compromised by any outside groups.



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