More than a million people under new lockdown in China amid COVID-19 outbreak

Source: The Hill | August 2, 2021 | Joseph Guzman

The highly contagious delta variant has made its way to more than 20 cities and a dozen provinces across China.

China is trying to stem the spread of new coronavirus cases attributed to the more infectious delta variant of the virus more than a year and a half after the first COVID-19 cases were detected in Wuhan. 

The Guardian reports that millions of people have been put under lockdown as China reported 55 new locally transmitted cases in more than 20 cities and a dozen provinces Monday.

Beijing and other major cities kicked off testing on a mass scale and non-essential travel has been cut off with areas where COVID-19 cases have been reported. Close contacts of those infected have been placed under quarantine. 

The Guardian reports officials in Beijing called on people not to leave the city “unless necessary.” 

More than 1.2 million people in Zhuzhou in the Hunan province were ordered to stay home for three days as the city rolls out a testing and vaccination effort. In the nearby tourist destination of Zhangjiajie, 1.5 million people were put under lockdown orders Friday.


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