Most Americans don't know where Grand Canyon or Niagara Falls are, new poll finds

Source: The Hill | June 11, 2021 | Christian Spencer

Where in the world is Niagara Falls?

From believing the Grand Canyon is in Colorado to thinking Niagara Falls is in Iceland, some Americans are a little confused about their national geography. However, as a new survey of 2,000 respondents reveals, they’re also much more confident in their skills than they probably should be.

Most Americans are confident in their own geographic abilities, but in a recent survey, that confidence might have been ignorance as most tend to get locations and things wrong.

When it comes to knowing the locations of natural landmarks such as the Grand Canyon or Niagara Falls, 64 percent thought they knew the correct answers, but just 51 percent managed to identify Redwood Forest is located in California and 35 percent correctly said the Shawnee National Forest is in Illinois, Study Finds reported.

Some of the respondents, 18 percent, thought the Illinois landmark belonged to Ireland.

The Grand Canyon is in Arizona, but only 38 percent of the respondents knew that, with 18 percent choosing its neighboring rocky state Colorado – a common misconception. 

New Yorkers and Canadians should be familiar with their shared landmark, the Niagara Falls. And while 32 percent of respondents were able to answer the question correctly, sadly, 22 percent thought the mystic waterfalls between the Province of Ontario and New York State were in Iceland.



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    Some years ago there was a survey where people in all 50 states were asked only to name the capital of their state. Most didn’t know.

    In a number of schools geography and history are just not taught. More money is spent on athletics than on teaching. Too many kids are functionally illiterate if they even make it to graduation. So how can we expect them to learn history or geography if they can’t read or write?

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