Mysterious metal monolith discovered in Utah disappears

Source: The Hill | November 29, 2020 | Marina Pitofsky

The mysterious metal monolith discovered earlier this month in a remote area of Utah has disappeared, less than a week after the structure was confirmed by state officials.

The Bureau of Land Management in Utah said in a Saturday statement that it received “credible reports” that the three-sided monolith was removed Friday evening from the area of public lands in southeastern Utah where it was initially discovered on Nov. 18.

The bureau said it did not remove the structure and that the local sheriff’s office would be responsible for investigating the removal.

However, the San Juan County Sheriff’s Office shared on Facebook that it does “not have the proper resources to devote much time to the appearance and subsequent disappearance/theft of the structure.” 


All that was left of the strange structure on Saturday was a triangular piece of metal that used to be on the top of the tower, The Salt Lake Tribune reported.

Tribune reporter Zak Podmore shared a photo of what remained of the monolith on Twitter.


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