Navarrette: Sen. Ted Cruz is hero for standing up to Donald Trump

Source: Indy Star | July 22, 2016 | Ruben Navarrette

Don’t get it twisted, Cruz haters. The Texas senator is a straight-up hero.

When Ted Cruz accepted the invitation to speak at the Republican National Convention, and then refused to endorse Donald Trump — only going so far as to urge delegates to “vote your conscience” —members of the Trump family and many pundits accused Cruz of putting himself before the party.

Baloney. What the senator really did was inject decency, standards and integrity into a GOP nominating process that has abandoned all three in the rush to provide a united front against presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

Also, this wasn’t Trump’s convention. It belonged to the Republican Party, and that’s who Cruz was addressing.


So what if some in the media, or the GOP, don’t like Cruz. Similar to a certain Republican nominee, Cruz couldn’t care less. Trump supporters who think this sort of attitude is a positive for their guy now believe it’s a negative for anyone else.

I’ve known Cruz for a dozen years, and, while we disagree on some issues, I’m immensely proud of what he did.

According to media reports, Team Trump — having read a copy of Cruz’s speech beforehand — knew that the renegade was not going to endorse the man who beat him for the nomination. And while they let him speak anyway, they reportedly made it clear that he would be booed by delegates.

I guess they hoped the mere thought of such a spectacle would scare Cruz and get him back in line. They were wrong. It took courage and character for Cruz to stand his ground, and he has an ample supply of both.

Overall, it was a great moment for the Lone Star senator. This is one Texan you don’t mess with.

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