NBC Reporter: Cruz to Win Half Of Pennsylvania's Delegates, "Even If He Comes In

Source: Real Clear Politics | April 19, 2016 | Ian Schwartz

NBC Reporter: Cruz to Win Half Of Pennsylvania’s Delegates, “Even If He Comes In Distant Third”

NBC’s Hallie Jackson reports Cruz has changed his focus to Pennsylvania and making a play for the state’s unbound delegates. Jackson, the network’s Cruz correspondent, said even if Cruz has a third place finish in Pennsylvania, they’ll win more than half the delegates.

“It’s very telling that’s Ted Cruz tonight is not in Brooklyn or Manhattan or any of the boroughs or state. He’s in Pennsylvania,” reported Jackson.

“He’ll be in Philly for his watch party tonight,” Jackson said. “That’s indicative of where he and his campaign see this race going, to Pennsylvania, where they are looking to make a play for these unbound delegates. Even if they come in a distant third, a top campaign aide tells me, they will still, they believe, pick up more than half the delegates there.”

“They’re looking at more than 30,” Jackson said.

Pennsylvania allots 71 delegates in the Republican primary; 17 of which are unbound.


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  • Consistent #4746

    slhancock1948 #4755

    He has been a very good player and has great instincts. He has definitely earned the WH.

    Pray for righteousness to be restored and for the peace of Jerusalem

    ConstitutionalConservative #4756

    3 2 1… Trump will begin calling the Cruz campaign and PA delegates liars, cheaters and thieves using gestapo intimidation tactics to steal all of Trumps delegates. And of course the media will eat it up as an opportunity for making Cruz constantly be in denial mode, but he just laughs it off saying look every time Donald loses he goes insane with false accusations.

    rodamala #4762

    as a 5th district primary voter, I am constantly looking for news on which of the delegates are aligned which way. as of right now i know for a fact that one candidate is a pureTrumpMonkey. I am telling everyone not to vote for that delgate. as we get closer to the 26th i hope more specifics come to light on cruz allies.

    Victoria #4764

    No, don’t you know Trump will fly to Penn. in his plane and get off plane where many thousands will be waiting to hear his anointed word and he will get the delegates. Wait, you say he needs to contact each possible delegate? Shucks, he does not do personal contact – you must be wrong cause he has his own airplane. :o)

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