NC Gov McCrory’s Office Responds to Obama Administration’s Threats

Source: RedState | May 5, 2016 | Susan Wright


As Caleb Howe pointed out here earlier this week, Obama and his vile Department of Injustice are letting other things go, so they can focus on corrupting North Carolina’s bathroom policies.

North Carolina Lieutenant Governor, Dan Forest, commented on the move Wednesday:

“To use our children and their educational futures as pawns to advance an agenda that will ultimately open those same children up to exploitation at the hands of sexual predators is by far, the sickest example of the depths the Obama Administration will stoop to ‘fundamentally transform our nation.’”

This is in reference to the Obama administration’s threat to withhold federal funds that would benefit schools and housing, among other things, if the state refuses to comply with the twisted worldview of cultural Marxists and the LGBT bullies.

I reached out to Governor Pat McCrory’s office today for a quote and got this statement from McCrory spokesman, Ricky Diaz:

“The Obama administration’s threats and bully tactics are way beyond anything we’ve ever seen before. This move should put all states, schools and businesses around the country on notice and show just how far the Obama administration is willing to go to impose its ideology and bathroom policies on the whole country. But this is the opinion of one federal agency and the state’s attorneys are currently reviewing the letters and determining the next steps.”

We are in a fight for the soul of our nation and every day it seems to be getting harder and harder.


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    I pray that the Governor and the rest of the state officials will stand firm and not knuckle under this tyranny.

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