NC Governor McCrory Doubles Down On Purpose For Bathroom Bill

Source: RedState | April 30, 2016 | Susan Wright


Governor McCrory appeared on the Fox News channel in a segment with Megyn Kelly earlier this week. To say Kelly was pressing him hard over the bill would be an understatement.

To his credit, Governor McCrory wavered not, and held firm to what he has maintained throughout the storm of protests and threats of artists that nobody cares about not subjecting North Carolina to their smug ass-hattery.

Said McCrory:

“I do not want government to be able to tell private businesses what their bathroom policy should be. I have no desire to be the bathroom police for private business, so one of the great misinterpretations from the New York Times and the Huffington Post and others is that we passed a bathroom law on private businesses.”


As Kelly pushed the governor on the “why” of the bathroom bill, McCrory further stated:

“It was an expectation of privacy that individuals have, especially our youth have when they go into a locker room, a shower, or a restroom, they expect only people of their gender to be there in that shower or locker room or restroom. It’s tradition we’ve had for many years.”

This law was not written to be “anti-transgender.” It was written because of the need of Charlotte city liberals to feel self-righteous by denying safety and comfort to anyone not in some fringe, special interest group.


This is the case of a very small and vocal group of professional agitators who are willing to risk horrific trauma on women and children, in order to be seen as politically correct.


That is the purpose of North Carolina’s bathroom bill. Governor McCrory and the North Carolina General Assembly were right to push forward with it.

If even one woman or child is protected because of this new law, it’s worth the hurt feelings of every LGBT person in the entire nation.

Hooray for Governor McCrory and those handful of leaders who are willing to stand firm for tradition and common sense.

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    The Governor and legislature are under considerable pressure to overturn this law. I pray they will stay strong. Why should we put our lives and the lives of our families in danger just to accommodate a noisy minority? Political correctness is killing peoplr and destroying this country.

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