#NeverTrump Needs to Think Bigger

Source: Conservative Review | May 7, 2016 | Steve Deace


David French of National Review, who also made the list of more than 80 people put together by The Hill website, tweeted it best after Tuesday’s Indiana Primary/Come to Jesus. He said it would be wrong to view the #NeverTrump oath as mere political calculation. It is a “moral imperative” French said.


See, for me #NeverTrump is really #NeverProgressives. I’m done voting for progressives forever (especially morally bankrupt ones). We’ve fought to elect Republican Progressives instead of Democrat Progressives for decades, and all we did was contribute to the decline of American Exceptionalism while advancing the enemy within our own camp.


And an election between two progressives, especially two systemic liars and scam artists like Hillary Clinton and her donor, does nothing to advance those values. What’s the point of making enemies simply so you can aid and abet the final chapter of Lex Luthor’s memoirs?

My cares aren’t remotely Trump’s cares, and the truth can’t be nourished on the rocky, thorn-strewn ground of his debauchery and lies. But while the things of God are paramount to me, this is a list that also includes GOP establishment politicians, candidates, pundits and strategists along with all manner of theologically adrift souls.


This very possibility is profoundly liberating to consider in light of the recent history of sellouts by the Boehner/McConnell cartel, and the FOX News fraud machine. We can hardly do worse than the cancer that is now fully metastasized in the form of the stereotyped villainy of the Trump candidacy.


For many supporters of Trump are incoherent trolls who are uninformed about our system of government, and their grotesque nationalism is antithetical to the deepest longings of conservatism. Trump Cult may have voted to finally kill the last chance to restore the Constitution to its pride of place in the American dreamscape. The Democrats abandoned that miracle on parchment long ago in favor of their unholy sacraments of baby killing, property stealing, marriage mayhem, bathroom chaos, and First Amendment fraud, yet we answered with little more than cowardice and equivocation. We are fools.


And here’s a sign to watch for to indicate we will have the heart to do it for the long haul. We, too, must be crafting and prosecuting our own list of Trump shills, brand-killing Republicans and never-really-were conservatives who helped bring us to this sad and undignified squandering of American Exceptionalism. They earned their Scarlet Letter, so choke them with it.

There should be no splicing the old fake conservative movement back together, for if we did so we would be left with nothing but a Frankenstein’s monster. A new birth of freedom is our only course of action, and that means dispensing with posers, liars, con men and hacks once and for all. They have been nothing but a swarm of locusts to the cause of liberty.

With that knowledge and confidence in our mission, the names on The Hill’s #NeverTrump list may as well be new signers of the Declaration of Independence. We must fight relentlessly for the survival of conservative principles one issue at a time.  We must be audacious in our attacks on and remedies for big government, particularly with interventions at the state and local levels that can inspire a lasting grassroots dedication to the rearing of citizen statesmen and Constitutional caretakers.

Our national government is on the brink of becoming the Red Coats, so #NeverTrump must be the continental militia. Ben Franklin told us long ago that we had been given “a republic, if we can keep it.” Sadly, we haven’t.

Blessedly, though, the God from whom our rights come from knows His way around the lost-and-found.


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    CA Surveyor #5842

    Yehova, The God from whom our rights come, has a plan in place, which he has revealed in his word.

    That plan makes no room for the “Governments of men.”

    That plan is currently unfolding in a big way globally, with huge fires, dozens of volcanoes simultaneously erupting, and Earthquakes happening in widely disparate locations.

    Those that read the word and believe it see clearly where we are. The time is short to get one’s act together.

    ConstitutionalConservative #5846

    I’ve commented many times Trump is a premier member the Progressive Liberal Democrat/Rino Socialist Communist Uni-Party.
    There is no way a true conservative could vote, speak or even think in favor of such vileness.

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