New Facebook posts and pictures further claims of Trump and Establishment alli..

Source: Conservative Review | July 16, 2016 | Robert Eno

New Facebook posts and pictures further claims of Trump and Establishment alliance

More evidence has emerged depicting an alliance between the Republican establishment at the Republican National Committee (RNC) and the Trump campaign to squash conservatives at Cleveland’s convention.  During Thursday’s Republican National Convention Committee on the Rules and Order of Business Meeting, the Trump campaign wanted to head off efforts from #NeverTrump forces to unbind delegates and the RNC wanted to maintain their grip on the election process in future nominating contests.

While the Thursday rules meeting has mainly been characterized by the mainstream media as a fight over whether delegates should be bound or allowed to vote their conscience at next week’s nomination vote, overshadowed by this major story a small group of conservative activists aimed to advance a series of amendments intended to decentralize power from the RNC. Their ultimate goal is to empower grassroots activists in future election cycles and remove mechanisms which party loyalists and career politicians use to favor their preferred candidates.

Leading the efforts to reform future nominating contests and provide more transparency in the GOP was Morton Blackwell, founder of the conservative Leadership Institute.

Quickly Thursday morning the Trump campaign and RNC found themselves in an uncertain position on the outcome on potential amendments. And rather than proceed with uncertain amendments the meeting was halted under the guise of a broken printer to stall for time.

During the time that elapsed, the Trump campaign hammered out an agreement with establishment elements of the RNC to support one another’s agenda.


Further evidencing this collusion, Facebook posts and texts authored after and during the meeting proceedings have emerged showing that the RNC and Trump campaign joined together to stop reforms to the Republican party that have been years in the making and date back well past the 2016 primary election.

Text messages show regional party directors instructing delegates how to vote. Conservative Review has reviewed the full texts, and verified their accuracy with a secondary source.


The Rules Committee member further detailed why the tactics were employed at the committee meeting and the backroom agreement intended to thwart reforms for increased transparency aimed at a potential 2020 nominating contest:

The strategy for the remainder of the meeting was to attempt to vote as a majority against any remaining rules amendments and to stay the course and complete the meeting, however long that would take. This tactic worked in our favor for two reasons. First, the constant defeat of every rules amendment had a demoralizing effect on our opposition, those wanting to offer the Conscience Clause and unbind delegates. Second, by our staying to complete our work late last night, rather than end at 6pm and reconvene today, wore down our opposition and didn’t give them any opportunity to regroup. The Conscience Clause was defeated. There will be no unbinding of the delegates. We adjourned just before midnight.

The note lays out the strategy of the Trump/RNC whip team; the expressed goal was to defeat almost every amendment regardless of purpose or intent and to grind any opposition in to submission. 

 The alliance of Trump and the Republican Establishment has been beneficial to both parties.  Trump was able to use the establishment wing of the RNC to stop any unbinding of the delegates. In exchange the establishment got anti-establishment Trump supporters to side with them against rules changes that decentralized power away from the Chairman of the Republican Party.

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    There may be honor among thieves but there is no honor among the lower than whale shite politicians, their love affair will quickly diminish and end in a most grievous divorce but they’ll not be the ones to suffer the costly consequences.

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