New Wisconsin Poll is Big News for Ted Cruz

Source: Red State | March 23, 2016 | Leon H. Wolf

We’re two weeks away from the Wisconsin primary, which is shaping up to be pretty close to a must-win for Ted Cruz. Even though Wisconsin is proportional, he really needs to continue the narrative that he can beat Trump, and with two weeks between contests, and with another two weeks between Wisconsin and the NY-area primaries, a loss to Trump – even a relatively close one – might allow the news cycle to fester against him in a negative way.

That’s why this new Monmouth poll is huge news for Cruz, if true:

BOSTON, MA – As establishment Republicans look for ways to slow Donald Trump’s relentless march toward the party’s presidential nomination, Wisconsin’s winner-take-all GOP primary contest on April 5 offers some intriguing possibilities. In a statewide Emerson College poll released today, Texas Senator Ted Cruz is not only leading Trump 36 percent to 35 percent in the upcoming primary, but Cruz is only trailing Hillary Clinton by one point in a hypothetical general election matchup, 46 percent to 45 percent. In contrast, Trump is trailing both Clinton and her Democratic rival, Bernie Sanders, by the same 9-point margin of 47 percent to 38 percent in a potential general election match-up.


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    Victoria #3118

    Also, a Fox poll out today says almost the same thing. Pray Cruz takes Wisconsin. I don’t know who Trump blames for his high unlikable rating among the general public, which I remind all of you includes Independent voters. They will vote for Clinton or Sanders before they would vote for him – they WILL vote for Cruz if he becomes the candidate.

    Trump never, ever, makes a mistake or does anything wrong, never, never. It is other people who wrong him and don’t treat him fairly. He has said, I heard him say it, he has never asked God for forgiveness as he hasn’t needed to. I suppose he thinks the general public and “nasty” conservatives, dislike him because “Cruz is a liar”. Blame everything on liar Cruz.

    The vitriol on one website, you know the one, is worse today than any day before. It is as though all are drunken Bubbas who just got out of jail and are repeating every gross word they learned in jail. I used to psychologically test career criminals when they were released from prison. Their language was only slightly worse than what I read on that website now. The worst part of that language on that website is, it is allowed to stand – forget moderators or the owner removing those words – pardon me, if it is a Cruz supporter using good words but criticizing Trump, it is removed or the poster of the article is the recipient of that gross language. In my opinion, that site should be X rated due to language. I believe that website will go out of business in the not distant future due to several reasons and that is a shame as it was once relevant.

    rodamala #3120

    I believe that website will go out of business in the not distant future due to several reasons and that is a shame as it was once relevant.

    I like how the Mods now alter the headlines of the articles that GGG posts, changing the character of the thread completely, while inviting another Trumpanzee turd tossing frenzy. It’s gone so far away from it’s own mission statement at this point.

    It’s like Idiocracy… minus the side of Big Ass Fries.

    slhancock1948 #3122

    I am an RN and work in a huge prison in FL. The language there would curl your hair, but not all officers allow that kind of talk. When I am around, they don’t either. I’ve never used it and even my coworkers don’t when I am working…except a couple guys. But, yes, the language that is accepted against Cruz at almost ANY site is acceptable, but not if used against Trump.

    Pray for righteousness to be restored and for the peace of Jerusalem

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