New York reports 1,000 daily new COVID-19 cases for first time since June

Source: The Hill | September 26, 2020 | Tal Axelrod

More than 1,000 people tested positive for the coronavirus in New York on Friday, marking the first time since early June the state has seen a daily number of cases rise above that mark.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) announced Saturday that of 99,953 tests reported the previous day, 1,005 were positive, a positivity rate of about 1 percent. Four people died Friday, and 527 people in total are hospitalized.


The number of daily positive results has ticked up in the Empire State in recent weeks, a trend that could be tied to the rise in business and school reopenings. The number of new cases stalled in the mid-to-high-500s in early September but have hit the 800 and 900-range in recent weeks, according to the COVID Tracking Project.

Students in public elementary, middle and high schools are set to return to in-person classes next week.


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  •  ConservativeGranny #43135

    This is going to happen every time they try to re-open things. The virus has no intention of going away and we had the worst leader possible in place at this crucial time. The odds are against us. My fear is that we are going to have to live with this virus for quite a long time. It may always be out there like a cold or flu forever. It will take a long time for any significant immunity to be obtained in the population worldwide. And it does need to be worldwide as we do not live in a bubble here in the US.
    We need a leader who will set an example, try to calm and unite the country in a shared effort to get some kind of control over this virus. A leader who will work to re-establish trust between the citizens and government as well as put in place leaders of our FDA, HHS and CDC who have a backbone and listen to them. Otherwise any attempt at controlling this via a vaccine will be a failure.

    I’m not thrilled about putting my trust in anyone in politics but at this point Biden is our only hope. I pray that he is worthy of that trust.

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