NORPAC’s Chouake Endorses Cruz

Source: Jewish Insider | February 16, 2016 | Jacob Kornbluh

Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz is expected to earn the backing of Dr. Ben Chouake, president of NORPAC, the nation’s largest pro-Israel political action committee, in an announcement to be made later today.

“Since entering the Senate, Ted Cruz has made support of US-Israel relations a priority,” Dr. Chouake said in a statement obtained exclusively by Jewish Insider. “He has used the legislative powers of his office to advance the relationship, and his bully pulpit to add a moral voice for America’s most important ally in the Middle East. It is evident that Senator Cruz’ support for Israel is heartfelt and effective.”


“We are fortunate that there are several candidates for president who can be expected to have a positive outlook on US-Israel relations,” said Chouake. “However, one of the candidates for president, Senator Ted Cruz, has clearly shown that the safety and security of the Jewish Homeland is an emotional and religious priority. Senator Cruz has demonstrated a superior understanding of the issues in the Middle East and a deep commitment to America’s historic role as the guardian of our ally, Israel.”

According to Chouake, “Ted Cruz has used his formidable talents in the Senate towards promoting this guardianship unequivocably to both the friends and adversaries of America and Israel. Our membership is grateful and fortunate to have such an outstanding advocate of US-Israel relations such as Ted Cruz running for our nation’s highest office. He is a great moral voice for America and we are proud to support him.”

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