North Korea asking for aid, while denying any coronavirus cases: report

Source: The Hill | March 26, 2020 | John Bowden

North Korean officials are reportedly asking for medical aid privately while publicly denying any cases of coronavirus within their country’s borders.

The Financial Times reported Thursday that North Korean officials have privately reached out to officials in other countries for unspecified aid, while the official number of reported cases in North Korea remains at zero.

“The government has testing kits for COVID-19 and they know how to use them, but [the number of kits are] not sufficient, hence, [officials are] requesting all organizations … to support them in this regard,” a source told the Times.

Reuters reported last week that North Korean officials had asked aid agencies for supplies such as masks and testing kits, though such supplies were reportedly awaiting entry on North Korea’s heavily protected border.

“North Koreans need assistance and have asked for it, but things are now on hold,” one aid group official familiar with the efforts told Reuters.

One former World Health Organization (WHO) official who was based in Pyongyang told Business Insider that he was “concerned” about a wide-scale outbreak in North Korea, citing the country’s insufficient medical system. The country also remains under heavy sanctions due to its ballistic missile program.


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