North Korea launches missile tests, insults South Korean president

Source: The Hill | August 16, 2019 | John Bowden

North Korea’s foreign ministry sharply criticized South Korean President Moon Jae-in on Friday after the country’s military fired two projectiles into the sea as part of a weapons test.

Reuters reported Friday that a foreign ministry spokesperson called Moon an “impudent guy” in an official statement Friday, and stated that the South Korean leader was “overcome with fright” following the tests.

“His open talk about ‘dialogue’ between the North and the South under such a situation raises a question as to whether he has proper thinking faculty,” the spokesperson reportedly said.

“We have nothing to talk any more with the South Korean authorities nor have any idea to sit with them again,” the North Korean official added.


Moon, in his own speech Thursday, explained that “momentum” for peace talks remained unshaken even despite recent weapons tests from North Korean forces, which had previously been put on hold as relations between the U.S. and Pyongyang had improved.

“In spite of a series of worrying actions taken by North Korea recently, the momentum for dialogue remains unshaken,” Moon said Thursday, according to Reuters.

Friday’s statement also comes days after North Korean officials warned the Trump administration not to deploy a new system of short-range missiles in South Korea.


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