Okay, National Enquirer Literally Linking Ted Cruz to JFK Assassination Now

Source: Mediaite | April 20, 2016 | Sam Reisman

National Enquirer

National Enquirer published a story on Ted Cruz‘s series of alleged sexual affairs (and inexplicably got the media and the candidates to take it even halfway seriously), which failed to derail his campaign. So now the tabloid is now literally connecting the Texas senator to the assassination of JFK.

The candidate’s father, Rafael Cruz, had a “bizarre meeting” in New Orleans with Lee Harvey Oswald, which was caught on camera, according to the Enquirer‘s breathless reporting.


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  • Consistent #4865

    plewis #4868

    At least they are consistent…

    Next they’ll be saying Cruz’s kids are actually babies from an alien abduction Heidi had 9 years ago…

    EVERYDAY #4906

    This story has been going around Facebook, and now the Trumpsters are posting it on Ted Cruz’s Facebook page. So I did a little investigating. Apparently, this story was started by Wayne Masden, described as a “journalist” In reality, he’s just another conspiracy theory crank, who I’m told has been a guest on a radio show hosted by the all-time king of conspiracy theories, Alex Jones. This Kennedy assassination conspiracy story is part of a larger story seeking to show that Ted Cruz is not a citizen of the US in any way and is not eligible for the presidency.

    As I understand the story, Rafael Cruz supposedly met Lee Harvey Oswald when the elder Cruz moved to New Orleans. Madsen’s story contains 2 photographs allegedly showing Oswald and Cruz handing out pro-Cuba literature on a public street.

    A couple of problems with the story: One is the timeline. Masden alleges that Rafael Cruz moved to New Orleans in 1962. However, other reports say he didn’t move to NO until he was in his “late 20s.” If he came to the US in 1957 at age 18, late 20s would mean that he did not move to NO until the late 1960s, well after Kennedy’s assassination.

    The other problem is these photographs allegedly showing Oswald and the elder Cruz handing out pro-Castro literature. The photos are not of good quality. While you can make out the image of Oswald, the reported image of Rafael Cruz is hard to determine. Madsen claims the man in the photo is Rafael Cruz, but he offers no evidence or corroboration of the man’s identity.

    Anyway, I guess this story will be like the one about Ted Cruz’s alleged affairs. Plenty of accusations, but no real evidence. Of course, the lack of evidence won’t deter the Trumpbots from spreading it all over the internet, just as they did with the infidelity gossip.

    slhancock1948 #4919

    They are reaching for anything in desperation! I pray the LORD shows Trump for the fool that he really is.openly and conspicuously so badly that people actually recoil from him.

    Pray for righteousness to be restored and for the peace of Jerusalem

    rgintn #4921

    Meanwhile trump is on video bashing Reagan’so tax cuts and saying they were causing a depression

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