One Way Rubio Can Unify the GOP

Source: Conservative Review | 10 March, 2016 | Steven Deace

The stature of a man, a nation, or a movement deeply depends not only on what gets said but how somebody says it.

For example, when Iran test fires missiles with the words, “Israel must be wiped out” written on the side, I guess that is an unambiguous ode to the spirit of a country with its roots firmly established in a “religion of peace.”

Or when Donald Trump celebrated his March 8 electoral successes with a visual buffet of steaks, wine and hubris, it was no doubt a sign he can be a ‘Make America Great Again’ unifier in much the same way Nero must have been a music lover because he fiddled while Rome burned.

And how about those pundit ninnies who are now chastising Ted Cruz supporters for pushing too hard to get Marco Rubio out of the presidential race? You know, because Rubio had such a great night on Tuesday, after spending almost as much money as the other three candidates combined while earning — hear me loud and clear now — zero delegates.

Zero. In fact, Rubio was doing worse in Mississippi at one point than the dearly-departed Ben Carson. That’s less than zero.

So by all means, let me warm up my hushed tones and sweet nothings before I say anything too radical, because nothing says ‘inside voice’ like running for President of the United States. I know how badly some of you want the proud post-Iowa tradition to continue where Rubio gets third place and it somehow becomes the new first, but this silliness has to stop.

This is not a game. The future of the country hangs by a transgender-bathroom-stained thread. But perspective may be too much to ask for in an era when Mitt Romney is still being hailed as a possible Republican white knight , in the event the GOP’s fate should be decided by a brokered convention. Romney’s robo-calls for Rubio and Kasich before Tuesday’s elections weren’t so magical, after all.

If you were a conservative for Rubio, one plus one now equals being a conservative for Cruz. Pronto. 


Welcome to a little something called ‘we deserve to lose.’

The math telling Rubio to get out before he torpedoes Cruz, and thus the hopes of conservatives in general, is not complicated. Only the emotional baggage that people bring to that math makes it so. But nothing changes the fact that Cruz would be in first place right now had Rubio (and to a lesser degree Kasich) saw the writing on the wall after a winless February. 

If you were a conservative for Rubio, one plus one now equals being a conservative for Cruz. Pronto. And if you don’t want Cruz folks telling him to get out, go ahead and do it yourself. Come on, guys, this is becoming so obvious even Meghan McCain has it figured out. That’s why many of us are running out of patience with Rubio. 

My children are now asking me questions like “why do these guys stay in if they have no chance to win, and by doing so are helping somebody bad instead?”

To which I try to explain to them, in adult terms of course, any potentially valid reasons I can rationalize. But kids have far more sensitive horse puckey detectors than we adults do. So they just look at me point blank and respond, “Daddy that sounds dumb.”


See, our children expect grown men to act like — gasp! — grown men. To set emotion and ambition aside and do the right thing at the right time. So should we. Wednesday’s ABC News/Washington Post poll had Trump with a 67% unfavorable, which is the highest ever recorded by a domestic politician in the history of that poll. And that’s after months of the best and most extensive media coverage Trump could’ve hoped for.

Translation: Trump would be catastrophic all the way down the ballot as the nominee.

Here is a vitally important mantra that all men must learn if they hope to overcome life’s many and varied challenges: know when you are beaten. That doesn’t mean we have to like it, but it keeps us from turning a single loss into a tedious pattern of self-destructive behavior or an unwatchable farce.

Rubio has claimed throughout this campaign he was the candidate that could unify the Republican Party. Now here’s his chance to prove it.

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  • slhancock1948 #2449

    Well-stated. He really could do a lot of good. I think Cruz doesn’t expect him to, though. I read that Rubio was in single digits in FL. Now that is bad!

    Pray for righteousness to be restored and for the peace of Jerusalem

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