Only Ted Cruz Can Unify the GOP and Empower Americans

Source: Soshable | 4.2.2016 | JD Rucker

At an early age, perhaps seven or eight, I knew I was a Republican. I wasn’t raised Republican by my apolitical parents. It was the message of self-reliance, the notion that the human spirit (guided, as I learned later, by the Holy Spirit) was capable of accomplishing so much more when rules that bind us are released. I was a small government conservative before I even knew what conservatism really meant. Since then I’ve learned empirically that America’s strength comes from an empowered people.

Government is necessary. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that it’s a necessary evil; as a concept, government is inherently neutral. It’s the people we elect and the powers behind them that determine whether the acts of a government are good or bad. The key indicator of whether government is working for or against the people is based upon size. In general, the more that the federal government feels the need to intervene, the worse it is for the people. This is why I oppose the vast majority of Democrats. It’s why I oppose the majority of people in Congress. It’s why I oppose Donald Trump.

I’m an unabashed believer in the uncanny quality of the Constitution. To me, only the Bible in its perfection is better written. The Constitution was designed in a way that keeps the reins around politicians. It prevents abuse of the people by the government. It also acts as a roadmap that, when followed properly, enables Americans to experience prosperity that can be shared by all. In a way, it’s a parallel to socialist doctrine but one that promotes the people to share their success willingly rather than through government mandate.

This is why I am convinced that Ted Cruz can unify the GOP and win the Presidency. It’s why I believe that as President he will be able to prove to Americans as Ronald Reagan once did that regardless of one’s political affiliation, the notion of an empowered people should be wholeheartedly embraced.

On Every Issue, Cruz Makes Sense

If you ever want to see a harbinger that liberals are fearful of the people realizing the effectiveness of conservative doctrine, look to who the far-left publications attack the most. On Salon, Slate, ThinkProgress, and the other unhinged “news” sites, you’ll see more attacks on Ted Cruz than all of the other past and present GOP contenders combined, including Donald Trump. They know deep down what Cruz says on the majority of issues not only makes sense but exposes the hypocrisy of their political platforms.

Cruz has built a reputation of being to the far-right, but for the most part this is not the case. Having a high rating on all of the conservative review sites is an indicator of his voting record and proposed political platforms. His voting record has consistently followed a mainstream conservative ideology. That means that he’s on the right side of votes for bills, not that he’s an extremist. When Republicans take the time to read his proposals, they’ll find that he’s not suggesting anything outside of mainstream Republican ideology. The fact that he doesn’t lean left on any issues represents the purity of his conservative convictions.

This is why I know he can unite us. The label of being “too conservative” is a false narrative. He believes in a flat tax. He believes in preserving religious liberties. He wants to strengthen the military. None of these are far-right propositions. Where he tends to lean more right than most Republicans on issues such as patrolling Muslim neighborhoods or deporting illegal immigrants, his stances are supportable and while many Republicans disagree, they aren’t the type of issues that would sour moderates to the point of not voting for him.

What voters need to understand is that a President is only able to invoke what is given to him by Congress. We cannot look to President Obama as the model through which the US government operates. Cruz will use Executive power to undo what President Obama has done. Everything else he has proposed will be vetted and potentially even softened for the sake of passage. Then, it will be up to President Cruz to determine if the bills are strong enough to sign.

We’ve seen this type of Presidency before. Ronald Reagan worked with Congress even though he was far less liked by his peers during the nomination process than even Cruz. The same thing will happen under a Cruz administration. The difference is that if Republicans are able to maintain control of Congress, his path to righting our current disastrous course will be easier.

Fighting the Establishment

Here’s the sad, stark reality: if Ted Cruz is unable to earn enough delegates to win or come close to winning the nomination on the first ballot, there’s a good chance the Republican Establishment will try to take the nomination away from him and Donald Trump. As expected (though I thought it would happen earlier), Establishment mouthpiece Karl Rove has already started the public version of the whisper campaign being perpetrated against Cruz and Trump.

This reply to my Tweet pretty much encapsulates my feelings towards Rove and his cronies:

This is important to understand because one of the most prominent points fueling those who support Trump is the anti-Establishment sentiment that has been brought on by failures by the Republicans in Washington DC. We must reason with Trump supporters starting now and on through the convention because Cruz represents what they believe Trump represents. I’ve been a promoter of the #NeverTrump movement for a while, but I’m making the slight shift to get more of his supporters to rethink Trump instead.

For the GOP and America to survive the next Presidency, we need to get more people to look closely at what Cruz proposes and compare those proposals to Trump and Clinton. Discerning patriots will come around and realize that he is walking the path to bring America back from the brink.

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  • slhancock1948 #3691

    Agreed! Hopefully, after Tuesday, the rest of the states will see that Trump is not good for America and that Cruz’s message best fits what is needed to reset America on the right path. I know that no man can work this magic, but a man who relies on God as his strength can do amazing things.

    Pray for righteousness to be restored and for the peace of Jerusalem

    ConstitutionalConservative #3697

    Slhancock said: but a man who relies on God as his strength can do amazing things.

    We have the proof in Ted your statement is true, Cruz has gone from less than 5% name recognition when he started against Trump who started at 100% celebrity name recognition and an endless supply of money to buy the presidency. Most of those who had ever even heard the name Ted Cruz only heard he was a trouble maker, the guy who tried to shut down the government. Now Cruz is the only other candidate that can win, he has maintained his integrity and performed most righteously as a man of faith, he is the only constitutional conservative in the race, he has Trump acting like a crazy man who has lost all control of himself because he fears going up against the roar of a real contender.

    All that and so much more Ted has accomplished is truly AMAZING especially to those who are politically astute they know his ascension against all odds is astonishing.

    LION TED 2016!

    slhancock1948 #3700

    Well-said, Constitutional Conservative! Well-said!

    Pray for righteousness to be restored and for the peace of Jerusalem

    Woodcutter #3701

    Yes, Constitutional Conservative, you are right. Since I have been a fan of Ted Cruz for quite some time, I had forgotten about the big initial difference in name recognition. Ted Cruz has done a lot to get out and connect directly to the people; with all of the personal appearances, and his accessibility at the events (he even has Bruce available to take photos with other people’s cameras so they can be in the picture), and his clear message. I am also amazed at how he handles the interviews, quickly answering the often stupid or “gotcha” questions and then turning to speak directly to the people with his positive message. Surely God’s guidance is amazing.

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