'Our True Heroes' Campaign Launches in Support of America's Police

Source: Conservative Review | May 16, 2016 | Phil Shiver

The National Fraternal Order of Police Foundation (FOP) has launched a new public awareness campaign in support of the nation’s police officers.

The “Our True Heroes” campaign will “spotlight the countless acts of heroism that take place every day across America.”

FOP reports:

“Americans of all color and creed know that we have a crisis in this country,” said FOP National President Chuck Canterbury.  “Public support for law enforcement is at an all-time low.  We can and should debate the causes and work together to fix them, and the solutions will come at the local level,” explained Canterbury.  “We need time to work through these difficult challenges community by community, along with goodwill from all stakeholders.”

Jim Pasco, the Executive Director of the FOP added:  “Today, during National Police Week, we hope that Americans remember the tremendous risk and personal sacrifice that police officers make every day to help keep our communities safe.”  Pasco explained, “The vast majority of law enforcement officers serve their communities with dignity and courage.  Every day, they perform quiet acts of kindness and heroism that reflect their love for the job.  It’s time we shined a light on their professionalism.”

The FOP and Canterbury hope to rebuild the relationship between law enforcement and their communities by “highlighting the positive role” that the police force plays every day.



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