Over 3,000 of Giuliani’s comm released to prosecutors following FBI seizure

Source: The Hill | January 22, 2022 | Lexi Lonas

Over 3,000 of Giuliani’s communications released to prosecutors following FBI seizure

More than 3,000 of Rudy Giuliani’s communications were released to prosecutors on Wednesday after a review of 18 devices that the FBI seized from the former Trump lawyer’s possession last April.

The Washington Post reported that former federal judge Barbara S. Jones, who was chosen to lead a privilege review of Giuliani’s communications, stated that there were 25,000 messages on a cellphone that dated back to 2018. 

The former NYC mayor asserted attorney-client privilege over 96 items, 40 of which were granted by Jones, the Post reported. The other 56 items were released to prosecutors. 

“Totally expected and in fact we want the prosecutors to see the material as it makes our consistent point that he did not do anything illegal,” Giuliani’s attorney, Robert Costello, told The Hill.

Giuliani is being investigated by the Manhattan U.S. attorney’s office over his dealings with Ukraine and suspicions that he acted as an unregistered foreign agent during his time as the former president’s personal lawyer. 

The Post noted that privilege reviews are relatively routine, conducted by an independent team at the prosecutor’s office. Attorney-client privilege asserts that communications between a lawyer and their client are protected. However, they could be inspected if communications involve criminal activity. 


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