Pat Buchanan says Cruz is Establishment – 2 years ago called him head of….

Source: The Right Scoop | April 6, 2016 | soopermexican

Pat Buchanan says Cruz is Establishment – 2 years ago called him head of Tea Party insurgency!!

Trumpon Pat Buchanan is calling Ted Cruz “Establishment” today in a stupid attempt to frame the Trump-Cruz fight as anti-Establishment versus Establishment, but that’s not what he said 2 years ago.

Watch below:

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But the cranky old moron in 2014 called Cruz the head of the anti-Establishment Tea Party insurgent lane:

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  • Consistent #3960

    Victoria #3970

    Most of those Republicans with name recognition, WHO HAVE NO JOB, and are speaking out for Trump, WANT A JOB FROM HIM. That includes Pat Buchanan, Herman Cain, Marco Rubio, Rick Santorum (sp), Christie wanting VP slot, Sarah Palin wanting Energy Secretary and Trump said she would have it, etc., etc..

    I wouldn’t work for him, period. I would go on welfare before I would do that.

    Victoria #3971

    I just heard Buchanan on Hannity and he says a Trump/Cruz ticket would be fantastic – so he is not dumping on Cruz very much.

    CA Surveyor #3973

    Its not 1990 any more.

    Go away Pat, and take Trump with you.

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