Pat Toomey votes for Ted Cruz

Source: Allentown Morning Call | April 26, 2016 | Laura Olson

Republican U.S. Sen. Pat Toomey says he cast his presidential vote for Ted Cruz, describing the Texas senator as having a deep understanding of the issues and “concrete” ideas on the economy and national security.

“He’s a solid conservative,” Toomey said this morning outside his polling place in Zionsville. “We don’t agree on everything, but having served with him in the Senate, I know Ted pretty well and I think he’s got a real, real viable shot of beating Hillary Clinton in the fall.”


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    Toomey had endorsed Rubio.

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    Toomey is ok. Not entirely conservative, but at least he isn’t the late Arlen Specter.

    Only thing is Toomey hasn’t been forgiven for that so-called “bipartisan common sense gun control” legislation he and Democrat Joe Manchin came up with some years ago. Mercifully, the bill went down in flames, but every so often, Toomey still says he wants to restrict guns. He isn’t talking about that now while he’s running for re-election, but it’s still on his mind.

    Toomey is running unopposed in the primary today, so he will get the Republican nomination, but he faces a stiff challenge from whoever his Democrat opponent will be in November. The Dems have a motley assortment of characters in today’s primary, including a feminist endorsed by Obama (hopeffuly, the kiss of death to her candidacy), a guy who voted for Obamacare while he was a congressman and an uber liberal mayor of an almost dead former steel town who looks like a Hell’s Angel. Unfortunately, the free stuff and war on women crowd is rather large in Pennsylvania. I suppose, with his endorsement of Ted Cruz, Toomey wants to portray himself as a real conservative and hopes voters will forget that he still wants to take away their guns.

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