Paul Ryan is delusional about Donald Trump

Source: Washington Examiner | June 2, 2016 | Philip Klein

In endorsing Donald Trump, House Speaker Paul Ryan argued that he believed the presumptive Republican nominee could be a partner in advancing a serious conservative policy agenda as president.

But Ryan is utterly delusional.

Trump, who has made a mockery out of policy and has explicitly and repeatedly rejected the philosophy of limited government throughout his campaign, won’t pursue anything resembling a serious reform agenda even if elected.

In the more likely event that Trump is defeated in November, having endorsed him, Ryan will lose credibility to rebuild the GOP. Instead, he will forever be tainted by his support for Trump.


Ryan’s fantasy is that if elected, the House could pass legislation that Trump will be motivated to sign. But the very fact that he’s been cowed into endorsing Trump argues against that.

To review, on May 5, Ryan declared that he wasn’t ready to endorse Trump. Within hours, Trump fired back in a statement claiming: “I am not ready to support Speaker Ryan’s agenda.”

Less than a month later, Trump has not made any concessions to Ryan. He hasn’t changed his policy ideas. He hasn’t become a more serious person. He hasn’t adopted a different tone. Yet without anything changing, Ryan is now ready to jump aboard the Trump train.

So, given that Ryan wasn’t able to get Trump to adopt any sort of changes as a candidate, what makes him think that Trump would sign his legislative agenda into law? To put it more succinctly: If Ryan can’t stand up to candidate Trump, why should we expect he’d stand up to a President Trump?


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