Pence to Campaign for Cruz in Indiana

Source: RedState | May 1, 2016 | Leon H. Wolf

Better late than never, I suppose. After waiting until the last minute to make an endorsement at all, and then endorsing in a manner that some (including Trump) accused of being tepid, Indiana governor Mike Pence has announced that he will campaign with Cruz over the last few days of the primary, and also cut ads for him.

Cruz, meanwhile, will head Monday evening to the Exposition Hall at the Indiana State Fairgrounds as a special guest of “An American Rally,” where TV personality Glenn Beck will also appear. The event is organized by the Keep the Promise PAC, which is supporting Cruz’s presidential run. Carly Fiorina, who Cruz named last week as his pick for vice president should he secure the nomination, will also attend.

Cruz is also scheduled for events in La Porte and Fort Wayne.

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence will campaign for Cruz on Monday, according to Cruz campaign communications director Alice Stewart.


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    I think Pence waited till the last minute to endorse until he was sure who was going to win Indiana. I’m sure nobody has a better pulse on the vote, if that is the case it suggests Cruz will win Pence didn’t want to endorse a loser. I don’t know much about Pence if he is one to sacrifice principle for winning but a last minute endorsement suggests to me that might be the case.

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