Pennsylvania Supreme Court finds Ted Cruz eligible to run

Source: Washington Examiner | March 31, 2016 | Kelly Cohen

Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court ruled Thursday that Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz is a United States citizen and thus eligible to run for president.

A Pittsburgh man was challenging Cruz’s name on the state’s April 26 primary ballot because the Texas senator was born in Canada, and thus, he said, ineligible for the presidency.

But Commonwealth Court Senior Judge Dan Pellegrini rejected Carmon Elliot’s argument this month that Cruz shouldn’t be allowed on the ballot, and the state’s Supreme Court justices upheld Pellegrini’s decision Thursday in a three-sentence order, effectively denying Elliot’s chance to argue his case before them.


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    “Pellegrini concluded that Cruz meets the criteria of a natural born citizen.”

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    This headline is better than the other one.

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