Pentagon says Russia racks up personnel, weapons losses

Source: The Hill | May 26, 2022 | Ellen Mitchell

The U.S. military estimates that Russia has lost nearly 1,000 tanks and “a not insignificant amount” of personnel in its now three-month long attack on Ukraine, a senior U.S. defense official said Thursday. 

“We believe they’ve lost or rendered inoperable almost 1,000 of their tanks in this fight,” the official told reporters, but noted that “they still have a lot left available to them.” 

The official also said the Kremlin has “suffered a not insignificant amount of attrition” among its troops.  

Russian forces have also lost “well over 350 artillery pieces,” almost three dozen fighter bomber fixed wing aircraft and more than 50 helicopters.  

Pentagon press secretary John Kirby later said that the Russians “continue to take casualties every single day in this war,” which began on Feb. 24.

“We know that they have lost not only soldiers, but they’ve lost a lot of equipment and weapons. They’re expending a significant number of their cruise missile and precision guided munitions inventory in this war. So we know that they are looking across the board at ways to try to resupply and replenish themselves,” Kirby told reporters.


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