People Who Know Him Well Believe in Ted Cruz

Source: National Review | March 1, 2016 | Andrew C. McCarthy
One of the stranger criticisms I’ve heard about Ted Cruz — whom I am supporting for the GOP nomination — is that his Senate colleagues do not like him and none has endorsed him. In truth, a number of senators have said complimentary things about him, and many understandably hesitate to endorse anyone in intramural primary battles. But that aside, Cruz ran on a program of restoring our constitutional equilibrium, which means transferring power out of Washington and back to the states and the people. Why anyone would think the insulated Beltway ruling class, which very much likes being the ruling class, would look kindly on this is baffling to me. I get that many who are fond of a number of Washington Republicans (as am I), or who think Washington can fix Washington if the right people are in charge (count me skeptical), find Ted’s manner grating. I am grateful for what he does. I don’t understand how anyone ever expects Washington to be stripped down to size unless some actual stripping happens.
In any event, my friend Chip Roy, who is now the first assistant attorney general for the state of Texas, served for a couple of years as Senator Cruz’s chief of staff. At The Resurgent, he has co-authored a column with former Cruz legislative director Brooke Bacak called “Why We Believe in Ted Cruz. We Were There.” They begin this way:

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