Police arrest man after Asian American grandmother punched, spit on in New York

Source: The Hill | March 13, 2021 | Cameron Jenkins

New York police arrested a man in connection with an attack on an Asian American grandmother after he allegedly spit on and punched her.

Glenmore Nembhard, 40, was arrested on Thursday and charged by the Westchester County Office of the District Attorney. He faces a felony charge of assault in the second degree with intent to cause physical injury to a person who is 65 years of age or older, according to NBC News.


Nancy Toh, who is 83, told police that Nembhard attacked her outside of a local shopping center on Tuesday. She reported being knocked to the ground and said she “blacked out momentarily,” suffering face and hip injuries and a possible concussion.

Westchester District Attorney Miriam Rocah released a statement on Friday stating that the incident will be investigated as a possible hate crime.

“Attacks like this one impact all of us,” she said. “They create an atmosphere of fear and intimidation that keeps us from feeling safe and secure in our homes and communities.”

“I urge everyone to report all hate crimes and bias incidents, even if you are not the victim so that law enforcement can track and work to prevent these terrible acts,” Rocah added.


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  •  EVERYDAY #47941

    I expect this perp is a Trumpy and these crimes are the sort of thing Trump could prevent by laying off the “China virus” moniker for COVID and by simply telling the faithful not to do these things. But again, this is not a rational, caring human being I’m talking about here.

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