Poll: Most voters remain unmovable in impeachment views

Source: Politico | November 13, 2019 | Steven Shepard

81 percent say there’s no or little chance they’ll change their minds, even as televised hearings get underway.

Most voters say there is little to no chance they will change their minds about the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump’s conduct, even as public hearings are set to kick off on Wednesday, according to a new POLITICO/Morning Consult poll.

A majority of voters, 62 percent, say there is no chance they could change their minds about impeachment, the poll shows. Another 19 percent say there’s only a small chance they change their minds.

Comparatively, only 2 percent say there is a strong chance they could change their mind, and another 8 percent say there is “some” chance they’ll change their mind.

As the hearings begin Wednesday morning in the House Intelligence Committee, the poll shows voters’ opinions about the impeachment investigation have changed little since House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced the opening of a formal inquiry back in September.

The new poll shows 50 percent of voters support the impeachment inquiry, compared with 41 percent who oppose it. In early October, 50 percent of voters supported the inquiry, while 44 percent opposed it.


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