Recount confirms Biden's win in Wisconsin

Source: The Hill | November 29, 2020 | Zack Budryk

A partial recount of votes in Wisconsin confirmed President-elect Joe Biden’s victory in the state, expanding his margin by 87 votes, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

The final tally netted Biden another 132 votes in Milwaukee County and President Trump another 45 votes in Dane County. Biden’s overall margin solidified to 20,695 votes, according to the newspaper.

The Trump campaign had paid $3 million to cover the recounts, but the president tweeted that the campaign intended to challenge the results in court before the count was even complete.

“The Wisconsin recount is not about finding mistakes in the count, it is about finding people who have voted illegally, and that case will be brought after the recount is over, on Monday or Tuesday,” Trump tweeted Saturday. “We have found many illegal votes. Stay tuned!”

The campaign has yet to provide evidence of widespread voter fraud in any of the states Biden won, and the tweet was flagged by Twitter as potentially containing disputed claims about the election.

“As we have said, the recount only served to reaffirm Joe Biden’s victory in Wisconsin,” Danielle Melfi, the Biden campaign’s Wisconsin state director, said in a statement to The Associated Press.


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