RED ALERT: Sources Say Rushed Effort For Gun Control Might Happen

Source: The Resurgent | February 26, 2018 | Erick Erickson


Sources tell me that Congress might try to rush through a gun control measure this week to raise the purchase age for rifles to 21. I am told this is being worked on behind closed doors with most members kept out of the loop and that the White House is involved. A White House staffer asked me to rally conservatives against the age increase.

Our action center is live. Take action now and tell Congress to oppose any effort to raise the purchase age for a rifle. Take action now.

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    Well, I have a dopey Democrat congressman, one equally dopey Democrat senator and a Republican senator who once crafted a “bipartisan common sense gun control” bill with a Democrat senator that mercifully went nowhere. I wrote to this Republican senator, even though I know he’s been waiting for an opportunity to draft or at least vote for more gun control legislation if the opportunity arose. My guess is he will vote for the legislation being presented.

    In other words, it looks like my state’s elected representatives will go for this feel good gun control measure and trying to reason with any of them s a waste of time.

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