RedState contributors quit over what they call site's pro-Trump tilt

Source: Washington Examiner | January 31, 2019 | Katelyn Caralle

Two former RedState contributors say that they quit the conservative site over what they call a shift to consistently positive coverage of President Trump.

Kimberly Ross, a former senior contributor for RedState, and Andrea Ruth, who once was a contributing editor at the outlet, said in a Bulwark article Thursday the site’s management made it clear in mid-2018 to “tread lightly when it comes to criticizing Trump.”

The two former contributors said that Salem Media Group, which owns RedState, decided there had been too much criticism of Trump in the media and dismissed several journalists and editors who were “unapologetic Trump critics.”

Requests for comment to Salem Media Group’s corporate headquarters were not immediately returned.

Later Thursday, a third RedState writer, Sarah Quinlan, also resigned from the outlet, claiming that it was “no longer a good fit” for her to work there.

“I submitted my resignation from RedState this morning,” Quinlan tweeted. “It’s hard to put into words just how much I truly loved being able to write for the RedState audience over the past year, so I’m *extremely* grateful for the opportunity to do so. However, it was simply no longer a good fit.”


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