RedState Fires Back at a Furious Sean Hannity: You Are ‘Actively Helping’ Trump

Source: The Blaze | April 13, 2016 | Oliver Darcy

The managing editor for conservative political website RedState penned a fiery column to Sean Hannity Wednesday, hours after the talk show host unleashed on the publication for characterizing him as a Donald Trump promoter.

On his afternoon radio program, Hannity reacted to RedState aggregating a ThinkProgress story that noted he had interviewed Trump 41 times and mostly lobbed softballs at the billionaire.

Hannity adamantly defended his coverage of the 2016 race, repeatedly contending he has offered each of the GOP candidates equal time on both his radio and television program.


The conservative personality took issue with RedState for criticizing him and aggregating a “hit piece” from a liberal website.


RedState Managing Editor Leon Wolf fired back in a column, writing that “the furor over Hannity’s softball treatment of Trump has clearly gotten to Hannity.”


The RedState editor alleged Hannity is “actively helping Trump defray controversies that should be harming him with conservative voters.”

“We know when someone is pro-Trump and only pretending to be neutral,” Wolf wrote. “Hannity’s protestations to the contrary are insulting to the intelligence of his own audience and definitely insulting to the intelligence of the writers here at RedState.”

Hannity has come under fire from other conservatives for his coverage of Trump. Most notably, Sen. Ben Sasse (R-Neb.) confronted the radio host at the Conservative Political Action Conference in March and told him that what he is doing is “bull.”

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  • Consistent #4425

    slhancock1948 #4441

    All the others who come on his show have to defend themselves about Trump, getting constantly interrupted, instead of talking policy. It’s ridiculous, and he continues to say…”You haven’t answered the question…”

    No wonder Cruz doesn’t take he bait much. It’s the same old thing each time.

    Pray for righteousness to be restored and for the peace of Jerusalem

    rodamala #4482

    Beck and Levin work for me, consistantly.

    Rush and Hannity are crossing into Savage territory for me.

    Meatball recipie radio.

    ConstitutionalConservative #4487

    Cruz wisely stays away from media pundits who want Cruz to come on only to have him talk about Trump. Trump says this about you how do you respond, Trump says that about you what do think about it, is he right nobody likes you, the entire segment nothing but Trump, Trump, Trump… far to many follow that same formula, Hannity is the worst media Trumpanzee of all, but he has a lot of competition for top Trumpanzee.

    silver pines #4490

    For a long time, Hannity has been on the defensive on his Twitter feed; people were relentlessly calling him out on his Trumplove. Now I see the gutless squareheaded coward has disabled all comments.

    But his feed still reads like an official Trump fanclub page:

    Tonight! Donald Trump for 1 hour
    Trump said this
    Trump says that
    Trump on tonight for the full hour
    Trump OMG he’s so funny
    Trump says this

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