Referee claims he told Jordan about Ohio State doctor's misconduct

Source: The Hill | November 8, 2019 | Rachel Frazin

A new lawsuit reportedly claims that Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) was told directly about misconduct by disgraced doctor Richard Strauss when Jordan was an assistant coach at Ohio State University.

A referee, identified as John Doe 42, filed the lawsuit Thursday in which he claims he reported to Jordan an incident in which Strauss masturbated in front of him in a shower after a wrestling match, according to NBC News

The suit reportedly said that Jordan and then-head coach Russ Hellickson said in response, “Yeah, that’s Strauss.”

John Doe 42 is the second person to say they directly told Jordan about Strauss’s actions, according to NBC. An independent investigation found that the doctor sexually abused 177 male students

Several former Ohio State students have accused Jordan of knowing about what occurred. Jordan has vehemently denied knowledge.


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