Refresher: Rubio's Deceptions

Source: National Review Magazine | 19 July, 2014 | Mark Krikorian

Refresher: Rubio’s Trail and Amnesty Deception

From the start, the Immigration bill S.744 was constructed to deceive the public. And, did a good job of creating the false illusion of greater security. But Rubio’s claim of enforcement ‘triggers’ was a dishonest argument. His amnesty scheme was chock full of deception with many behind the scene maneuvers all designed to obfuscate truth. The bill made America less safe, not more.

Rubio’s scheme allowed illegal aliens to be legalized immediately. All at a huge cost to the US taxpayer [Note] and sovereignty of our nation. Like Obamacare, the legislation was crafted behind closed doors with pro-amnesty lobbyists, unions, immigration lawyers, and Progressive groups like La Raza and AFL-CIO representing illegal aliens. Groups that stood to make millions from this legislation.

The Gang of Eight prohibited anyone with a significantly different opinion on immigration reform from providing input. Law enforcement: border sheriffs, interior sheriffs, deputies and immigration agents, and the ICE Union President were all locked out of discussions.

The ‘de facto’ leader of the Gang of Eight and public face of immigration reform in the Senate leading the charge was Marco Rubio. Every gang needs a leader. His task was to convince conservatives and TV and radio talking heads that Obama’s second-to-be signature achievement was both bipartisan and good for America.


The Gang of 8 Amnesty scheme was Obamacare Part Deux. Seemingly sexy slogans. Rubio is a smooth talker. Watch this video as he shimmies his way through. Like Obamacare, it’s was all or nothing; several bills tied into one. The Bill was huge, complex and progressive. It was designed to serve politicians. Rubio made many false claims, illusionary promises, cons and lies. This speech exemplifies Rubio’s deception.

Rubio’s “media offensive” con-tour started by trying to sell the idea his bill wouldn’t give amnesty when, in fact, it was instant Amnesty. The term “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” (“CIR”) is a euphemism…..

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    This needs to be read by everybody who considers themselves conservative. Lest we forget amid the campaign rhetoric and promises, we should have seen plenty this election cycle to confirm that Rubio has not really changed his mind, but he will tell some groups that he has and others that he is committed to it as before.

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