Regarding Ted Cruz, you ain't seen nothing yet

Source: American Thinker | May 7, 2016 | Lloyd Marcus


When our conservative gladiators enter the arena, Democrats, the left, the GOP establishment, and mainstream media team up to stop and destroy them forever.  The evil coalition launches its standard 24/7 character assassination shock-and-awe attack.  Phase two includes endless absurd lies and extremely well funded dirty tricks.  Whenever one of our candidates falls short of winning due to the behemoth opposing them, our advisers and voters blame the candidate for being too this or not enough of that.  Then we throw our courage warriors on the junk heap of tainted and forever unelectable conservatives.  In other words, if only our candidate would have mastered politically walking on water, we could have won or retained the seat.  The disloyalty sickens me.

This political season, many voters threw social and moral issues out the window.  For the most part, Cruz stood alone vowing to investigate Planned Parenthood’s horrific dead-baby-body-parts-chop-shop business, apparently a non-issue with many voters.  Cruz recognized and vowed to fight LGBT activists’ aggressive assault on our religious liberty, silencing and jailing Christians.  Apparently defending religious liberty is a non-issue with many evangelicals.

In essence, many voters shouted, “No, not this man.  Give us Barabbas!”  This is the truth of how many voted.

I also reject conventional wisdom that says Cruz is done, too damaged to be the leader of a national resurgence of conservatism.  Hogwash!

Over sixty years of life experiences have taught me to trust God.  I am telling you, folks – there is something truly unique and special about Ted Cruz, an anointing on his life.  Ted is still a young man.  At some point, Cruz will come back shining brighter, bigger, and better.  Great leaders are always hated and despised because they are a threat to lesser men.  Eagles really do fly alone.  Thank God for giving Ted Heidi, his strong “helpmeet.”

My prayer is that despite unimaginable pressure to conform to the Washington cartel status quo, Ted will remain a peerless, fearless warrior for We the People and a defender of our Constitution.  I am pretty confident that Ted will always be our Ted.  Still, I call upon all believers to keep Ted and his family in their prayers.

Regarding Ted Cruz, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

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  • Consistent #5826

    You ain’t seen nothing yet, in deed.

    ConstitutionalConservative #5848

    I’m not sure why but Ted has a good reason for suspending his campaign maybe it has something to do with the convention maybe he is looking 5 years from now but I don’t think it has anything to do with money and paying off campaign debts as some suggested. I believe he has a vision for the restoration of our Constitutional Republic and nothing will stop him from pursuing it.

    Great men who have endeavored on a righteous mission are most often subjected to suffering when the vision is as grand as his.

    Victoria #5860

    ConstitutionalConservative, you said: “…but I don’t think it has anything to do with money and paying off campaign debts as some suggested”

    There is no candidate who “quits” his campaign. Every single candidate “suspends” his campaign so he can continue to collect money to pay off campaign debt. If he “quit”, he could not accept more contributions. That is the reason he “suspended”.

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